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Efficacy of a Salmonella live vaccine for turkeys in different age groups and antibody response of vaccinated and non-vaccinated turkeys

ObjectiveHuman Salmonellosis continues to be one of the most important foodborne zoonoses worldwide, although a decrease in case numbers has been noted in recent years. It is a foodborne zoonotic infection most commonly associated with the consumption of raw egg products but also with meat consumption including the consumption of poultry products. Turkey flocks in Europe have...

Differences in the tissue tropism to chicken oviduct epithelial cells between avian coronavirus IBV strains QX and B1648 are not related to the sialic acid binding properties of their spike proteins

The avian coronavirus (AvCoV) infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) is a major poultry pathogen. A characteristic feature of IBV is the occurrence of many different strains belonging to different serotypes, which makes a complete control of the disease by vaccinations a challenging task. Reasons for differences in the tissue tropism and pathogenicity between IBV strains, e.g. a...