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Determining causes of genetic isolation in a large carnivore (Ursus americanus) population to direct contemporary conservation measures

The processes leading to genetic isolation influence a population’s local extinction risk, and should thus be identified before conservation actions are implemented. Natural or human-induced circumstances can result in historical or contemporary barriers to gene flow and/or demographic bottlenecks. Distinguishing between these hypotheses can be achieved by comparing genetic...

Does Predation Influence the Seasonal and Diel Timing of Moose Calving in Central Ontario, Canada?

Martyn E. Obbard 0 1 2 0 a Current address: Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Pinedale, Wyoming, United States of America ¤b Current address: La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science, Institute

Implications of the Circumpolar Genetic Structure of Polar Bears for Their Conservation in a Rapidly Warming Arctic

We provide an expansive analysis of polar bear (Ursus maritimus) circumpolar genetic variation during the last two decades of decline in their sea-ice habitat. We sought to evaluate whether their genetic diversity and structure have changed over this period of habitat decline, how their current genetic patterns compare with past patterns, and how genetic demography changed with...