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Association between age at onset of independent walking and objectively measured sedentary behavior is mediated by moderate-to-vigorous physical activity in primary school children

National Institute of Health and Nutrition for their help with the survey. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Tomoko Aoyama, Maki Tanaka, Masayuki Okuda, Shigeru Inoue, Chiaki Tanaka. Data curation ... , Masayuki Okuda, Shigeru Inoue, Chiaki Tanaka. 10 / 13 Project administration: Shigeho Tanaka, Masayuki Okuda, Shigeru Inoue, Chiaki Tanaka. Resources: Shigeho Tanaka, Chiaki Tanaka. Software: Shigeho Tanaka

Association between objectively evaluated physical activity and sedentary behavior and screen time in primary school children

Background Even when meeting guidelines for physical activity (PA), considerable sedentary time may be included. This study in primary school children investigated the relationships between objectively evaluated sedentary and PA times at different intensities using triaxial accelerometry that discriminated between ambulatory and non-ambulatory PA. The relationships between...

Effects of Butyltin Compounds on Mitochondrial Respiration and Its Relation to Hepatotoxicity in Mice and Guinea Pigs

Because the mechanisms responsible for the difference in toxicity between different experimental animal species remain unclear, the effects of tributyltin chloride (TBTC) and dibutyltin dichloride (DBTC) on mitochondrial respiration were compared among the livers of mice and guinea pigs in vitro and in vivo. Further, the levels of these butyltin compounds and their derivatives in...