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Just ask Siri? A pilot study comparing smartphone digital assistants and laptop Google searches for smoking cessation advice

Contributions Conceptualization: Nick Wilson. Data curation: Matt Boyd, Nick Wilson. Formal analysis: Matt Boyd. Investigation: Matt Boyd. Methodology: Matt Boyd, Nick Wilson. Project administration: Matt ... Boyd, Nick Wilson. Resources: Matt Boyd, Nick Wilson. Supervision: Nick Wilson. Validation: Nick Wilson. Writing ± original draft: Matt Boyd, Nick Wilson. Writing ± review & editing: Matt Boyd, Nick

Protecting an island nation from extreme pandemic threats: Proof-of-concept around border closure as an intervention

Background Countries are well advised to prepare for future pandemic risks (e.g., pandemic influenza, novel emerging agents or synthetic bioweapons). These preparations do not typically include planning for complete border closure. Even though border closure may not be instituted in time, and can fail, there might still plausible chances of success for well organized island...

Assessing the similarity of mental models of operating room team members and implications for patient safety: a prospective, replicated study

Background Patient safety depends on effective teamwork. The similarity of team members’ mental models - or their shared understanding–regarding clinical tasks is likely to influence the effectiveness of teamwork. Mental models have not been measured in the complex, high-acuity environment of the operating room (OR), where professionals of different backgrounds must work together...