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Anatomy of double heavy-quark initiated processes

A number of phenomenologically relevant processes at hadron colliders, such as Higgs and Z boson production in association with b quarks, can be conveniently described as scattering of heavy quarks in the initial state. We present a detailed analysis of this class of processes, identifying the form of the leading initial-state collinear logarithms that allow the relation of...

Dendritic Cell-Directed Vaccination with a Lentivector Encoding PSCA for Prostate Cancer in Mice

Many studies have demonstrated that prostate stem cell antigen (PSCA) is an attractive target for immunotherapy based on its overexpression in prostate tumor tissue, especially in some metastatic tissues. In this study, we evaluated dendritic cell (DC)-directed lentiviral vector (DCLV) encoding murine PSCA (DCLV-PSCA) as a novel tumor vaccine for prostate cancer in mouse models...

Integrating sepsis management recommendations into clinical care guidelines for district hospitals in resource-limited settings: the necessity to augment new guidelines with future research

Shevin T Jacob 0 Matthew Lim 2 Patrick Banura 1 Satish Bhagwanjee 6 Julian Bion 5 Allen C Cheng 4 Hillary Cohen 3 Jeremy Farrar Sandy Gove Philip Hopewell Christopher C Moore Cathy Roth T Eoin West

A Case of Malaria from the Afghanistan Region

conversant with this disease. Cory Gaconnet, Helen Chun, and Matthew Lim Infectious Diseases Division, Naval Medical Center San Diego, California itidis serotype Paratyphi A isolates recovered from blood ... , Douglas, and Bennett's principles and practice of infectious diseases . 5th ed. Philadelphia: Churchill & Livingston, 2000 : 2817 - 31 . Reprints or correspondence: Dr . Matthew Lim , Clinical Investigation

Unintended Smallpox Vaccination of HIV-1—Infected Individuals in the United States Military

We identified 10 individuals who had undiagnosed human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) infection at the time of smallpox vaccination. Mean CD4 cell count was 483 cells/mm3 (range, 286–751 cells/mm3), and mean log10 plasma HIV-1 RNA load was 4.13 copies/cm3 (range, 2.54–5.16 copies/cm3). All vaccinees (3 primary and 7 repeat) had a normal, robust reaction without...