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Analyses of genome wide association data, cytokines, and gene expression in African-Americans with benign ethnic neutropenia

NIH Clinical Center. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Matthew M. Hsieh, Adebowale A. Adeyemo, Edward Ramos, Neil A. Zakai, Mary Cushman, Virginia Howard, Willy A. Flegel, Charles N. Rotimi ... . Funding acquisition: Mary Cushman, Charles N. Rotimi, Griffin P. Rodgers. Methodology: Bashira A. Charles, Matthew M. Hsieh, Adebowale A. Adeyemo, Daniel Shriner, Kyung Chin, Kshitij Srivastava, Neil A

Decitabine Suspends Human CD34+ Cell Differentiation and Proliferation during Lentiviral Transduction

Efficient ex vivo transduction of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) is encumbered by differentiation which reduces engraftment. We hypothesized that inhibiting DNA methyltransferase with decitabine would block differentiation of transduced CD34+ cells under cytokine stimulation and thus improve transduction efficiency for engrafting HSCs. Human CD34+ cells in cytokine-containing...

Hydroxyurea-Increased Fetal Hemoglobin Is Associated with Less Organ Damage and Longer Survival in Adults with Sickle Cell Anemia

Background Adults with sickle cell anemia (HbSS) are inconsistently treated with hydroxyurea. Objectives We retrospectively evaluated the effects of elevating fetal hemoglobin with hydroxyurea on organ damage and survival in patients enrolled in our screening study between 2001 and 2010. Methods An electronic medical record facilitated development of a database for comparison of...

Addition of Rapamycin to Anti-CD3 Antibody Improves Long-Term Glycaemia Control in Diabetic NOD Mice

Aims/Hypothesis Non-Fc-binding Anti CD3 antibody has proven successful in reverting diabetes in the non-obese diabetes mouse model of type 1 diabetes and limited efficacy has been observed in human clinical trials. We hypothesized that addition of rapamycin, an mTOR inhibitor capable of inducing operational tolerance in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, would result in...

Long-Term Vector Integration Site Analysis Following Retroviral Mediated Gene Transfer to Hematopoietic Stem Cells for the Treatment of HIV Infection

We previously reported the efficacy of nonmyeloablative allogeneic transplantation in 2 HIV positive recipients, one of whom received retrovirus transduced hematopoietic stem cells to confer resistance to HIV. Here we report an assessment of retroviral integration sites (RISs) recovered out to 3 years post-transplantation. We identified 213 unique RISs from the patient's...