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Detecting crypto-ransomware in IoT networks based on energy consumption footprint

An Internet of Things (IoT) architecture generally consists of a wide range of Internet-connected devices or things such as Android devices, and devices that have more computational capabilities (e.g., storage capacities) are likely to be targeted by ransomware authors. In this paper, we present a machine learning based approach to detect ransomware attacks by monitoring power...

"Who Counterfeited My Viagra?" Probabilistic Item Removal Detection via RFID Tag Cooperation

We leverage RFID tag cooperation to enforce tampering detection. That is, we provide a set of probabilistic protocols that detect the absence of a tag from a system composed of a set of tags and a reader. Our proposals are able to detect which tag and for how long it has been taken away from the system. The grain of the detection can be tuned with respect to the resources...

Preserving privacy against external and internal threats in WSN data aggregation

Boston, MA, USA. His research interest is on computer networks. He has received the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award 20092014. Mauro Conti received in 2005 the Laurea Degree (equivalent to

Mobility and Cooperation to Thwart Node Capture Attacks in MANETs

The nature of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs), often unattended, makes this type of networks subject to some unique security issues. In particular, one of the most vexing problem for MANETs security is the node capture attack: an adversary can capture a node from the network eventually acquiring all the cryptographic material stored in it. Further, the captured node can be...