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Severity of traumatic brain injury correlates with long-term cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction

, at rest and upon standing (ANOVA with post hoc testing). Orthostatic challenge; Traumatic brain injury; Autonomic dysfunction; Differences in severity - Max J. Hilz and Ruihao Wang contributed

Central Autonomic Dysfunction Delays Recovery of Fingolimod Induced Heart Rate Slowing

Background In multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, Fingolimod may induce prolonged heart-rate slowing which might be caused by MS-related central autonomic lesions. Objectives To evaluate whether MS-patients with prolonged heart-rate slowing (> six hours) upon Fingolimod show cardiovascular-autonomic dysfunction before Fingolimod-initiation. Methods Before Fingolimod-initiation, we...

Early diagnosis of peripheral nervous system involvement in Fabry disease and treatment of neuropathic pain: the report of an expert panel

Politei Gary J Bennett Ralf Baron Claudia Sommer Anette Torvin Mller Max J Hilz Background: Fabry disease is an inherited metabolic disorder characterized by progressive lysosomal accumulation of lipids in