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Deep multimodal fusion for ground-based cloud classification in weather station networks

, Chinese Academy of Sciences. She is currently an Associate Professor at Tianjin Normal University. Mei Li is currently pursuing the M.S. degree at Tianjin Normal University. Competing interests The authors

The functional and structural characteristics of the emotion network in alexithymia

The functional and structural characteristics of the emotion network in alexithymia Dai Han,1–3 Mei Li,4 Minjun Mei,4 Xiaofei Sun4 1Institutes of Psychological Sciences, Hangzhou Normal University ... PowerdbyTCPDF( Mei li 4 Xiaofei sun 4 Background: Alexithymia is a multifaceted personality trait characterized by emotional dysfunction. Methods: In this study, the functional and structural

The sentinel tree nursery as an early warning system for pathway risk assessment: Fungal pathogens associated with Chinese woody plants commonly shipped to Europe

language. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Andrea Vannini. Data curation: Anna Maria Vettraino, Hong-Mei Li, Carmen Morales-Rodriguez, Andrea Vannini. Investigation: Anna Maria Vettraino, Andrea

Rushan earthquake swarm in eastern China and its indications of fluid-triggered rupture

An extraordinary earthquake swarm occurred at Rushan on the Jiaodong Peninsula from October 1, 2013, onwards, and more than 12,000 aftershocks had been detected by December 31, 2015. All the activities of the whole swarm were recorded at the nearest station, RSH, which is located about 12 km from the epicenter. We examine the statistical characteristics of the Rushan swarm in...

Quercetin and aconitine synergistically induces the human cervical carcinoma HeLa cell apoptosis via endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress pathway

-induced ER stress. Supporting information S1 Table. Primers used for RT-PCR. (DOC) (DOC) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xiu-Mei Li, Pei-Long Yang. Data curation: Xiu-Mei Li. Investigation: Xiu ... -Mei Li, Jing Liu, Fang-Fang Pan. Software: Zhi-Guo Wen. Validation: Dong-Dong Shi. Writing ± original draft: Xiu-Mei Li. Writing ± review & editing: Xiu-Mei Li, Pei-Long Yang. 10 / 12 11 / 12 1

Higher-order assembly of crystalline cylindrical micelles into membrane-extendable colloidosomes

Bristol, Cantock’s Close, Bristol, BS8 1TS, UKHongjing Dou, Mei Li, Yan Qiao, Robert Harniman, Xiaoyu Li, Charlotte E. Boott, Stephen Mann & Ian MannersThe State Key Laboratory of Metal Matrix Composites ... for Mei Li in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Yan Qiao in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google Scholar Search for Robert Harniman in:Nature Research journals

The effect of subpressure on the bond strength of resin to zirconia ceramic

Objective This study was conducted to investigate the effect of subpressure on the bond strength of resin to zirconia ceramic. The subpressure would create a pressure gradient which could clean out the bubbles in the adhesives or bonding interface. Methods Twenty-eight pre-sintered zirconia discs were fabricated. Half of them were polished (group P, n = 14), and the rest were...

New Diterpenoids from Clerodendranthus spicatus

Two new diterpenoids, neoorthosiphonones B and C (1 and 2), and one known diterpenoid, were isolated from the aerial parts of Clerodendranthus spicatus. Their structures including absolute configurations were determined by comprehensive spectroscopic analyses and X-ray crystallographic methods. No compound was found to inhibit fibronectin production at the concentration of 20 μM.

Genetic variability in LMP2 and LMP7 is associated with the risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in the Kazakh population but is not associated with HPV infection

Li. Data curation: Ling Chen, Jianming Hu, Jinfang Jiang. Formal analysis: Yu Ji, Xiaobin Cui, Yunzhao Chen, Lijuan Pang. Funding acquisition: Feng Li. Investigation: Yu Ji, Mei Li, Fei Wu

Evaluation of Complex Toxicity of Canbon Nanotubes and Sodium Pentachlorophenol Based on Earthworm Coelomocytes Test

As a standard testing organism in soil ecosystems, the earthworm Eisenia fetida has been used widely in toxicity studies. However, tests at the individual level are time- and animal-consuming, with limited sensitivity. Earthworm coelomocytes are important for the assimilation and elimination of exogenous compounds and play a key role in the processes of phagocytosis and...

Crystal Structures of Putative Sugar Kinases from Synechococcus Elongatus PCC 7942 and Arabidopsis Thaliana

The genome of the Synechococcus elongatus strain PCC 7942 encodes a putative sugar kinase (SePSK), which shares 44.9% sequence identity with the xylulose kinase-1 (AtXK-1) from Arabidopsis thaliana. Sequence alignment suggests that both kinases belong to the ribulokinase-like carbohydrate kinases, a sub-family of FGGY family carbohydrate kinases. However, their exact...

Dedifferentiated chondrosarcoma: Radiological features, prognostic factors and survival statistics in 23 patients

by two musculoskeletal radiologists who had 20 years of image diagnostic experience and complete knowledge of this tumor (Weiwu Yao, Mei li). If the diagnostic outcome was different between the two

Measles Virus Matrix Protein Inhibits Host Cell Transcription

Measles virus (MeV) is a highly contagious virus that still causes annual epidemics in developing countries despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine. Additionally, importation from endemic countries causes frequent outbreaks in countries where it has been eliminated. The M protein of MeV plays a key role in virus assembly and cytopathogenesis; interestingly, M is...

Transcriptome profiling analysis reveals the role of silique in controlling seed oil content in Brassica napus

Seed oil content is an important agronomic trait in oilseed rape. However, the molecular mechanism of oil accumulation in rapeseeds is unclear so far. In this report, RNA sequencing technique (RNA-Seq) was performed to explore differentially expressed genes in siliques of two Brassica napus lines (HFA and LFA which contain high and low oil contents in seeds, respectively) at 15...

Immobilization of Dystrophin and Laminin α2-Chain Deficient Zebrafish Larvae In Vivo Prevents the Development of Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular dystrophies are often caused by genetic alterations in the dystrophin-dystroglycan complex or its extracellular ligands. These structures are associated with the cell membrane and provide mechanical links between the cytoskeleton and the matrix. Mechanical stress is considered a pathological mechanism and muscle immobilization has been shown to be beneficial in some...

Gastric Schwannoma: A Tumor Must Be Included in Differential Diagnoses of Gastric Submucosal Tumors

to the collection of the clinical data and histological analysis. Yu-ming Li contributed to the critical revision and final approval of the manuscript. Xiao-mei Li, Yan Feng, and He-sheng Li

KLF5 promotes cervical cancer proliferation, migration and invasion in a manner partly dependent on TNFRSF11a expression

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