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N = 1 supercurrents of eleven-dimensional supergravity

Abstract Eleven-dimensional supergravity can be formulated in superspaces locally of the form X × Y where X is 4D N = 1 conformal superspace and Y is an arbitrary 7-manifold admitting a G2-structure. The eleven-dimensional 3-form and the stable 3-form on Y define the lowest component of a gauge superfield on X × Y that is chiral as a superfield on X. This chiral field is part of...

Conformal interfaces between free boson orbifold theories

We construct a large class of conformal interfaces between two-dimensional c = 1 conformal field theories describing compact free bosons and their \( {\mathrm{\mathbb{Z}}}_2 \) orbifolds. The interfaces are obtained by constructing boundary states in the corresponding c = 2 product theories and applying the unfolding procedure. We compute the fusion products for all of these...

Eleven-dimensional supergravity in 4D, N = 1 superspace

We give a formulation of linearized 11D supergravity in 4D, N = 1 superspace keeping all eleven bosonic coordinates. The fields are fluctuations around M = R 4|4 × Y, where Y is a background Riemannian 7-manifold admitting a G 2 structure. We embed the 11D fields into superfield representations of the 4D, N = 1 superconformal algebra. These consist of the conformal graviton...

Defects and boundary RG flows in \( \mathbb{C}/{\mathbb{Z}}_d \)

We show that topological defects in the language of Landau-Ginzburg models carry information about the RG flow between the non-compact orbifolds \( \mathbb{C}/{\mathbb{Z}}_d \). We show that such defects correctly implement the bulk-induced RG flow on the boundary.

All Chern-Simons invariants of 4D, N = 1 gauged superform hierarchies

We give a geometric description of supersymmetric gravity/(non-)abelian p-form hierarchies in superspaces with 4D, N = 1 super-Poincaré invariance. These hierarchies give rise to Chern-Simons-like invariants, such as those of the 5D, N = 1 graviphoton and the eleven-dimensional 3-form but also generalizations such as Green-Schwarz-like/BF -type couplings. Previous constructions...

Chern-Simons actions and their gaugings in 4D, N =1 superspace

We gauge the abelian hierarchy of tensor fields in 4D by a Lie algebra \( \mathfrak{g} \). The resulting non-abelian tensor hierarchy can be interpreted via a \( \mathfrak{g} \)-equivariant chain complex. We lift this structure to N = 1 superspace by constructing superfield analogs for the tensor fields, along with covariant superfield strengths. Next we construct Chern-Simons...

M-theory potential from the G 2 Hitchin functional in superspace

We embed the component fields of eleven-dimensional supergravity into a superspace of the form X × Y where X is the standard 4D, N = 1 superspace and Y is a smooth 7-manifold. The eleven-dimensional 3-form gives rise to a tensor hierarchy of superfields gauged by the diffeomorphisms of Y . It contains a natural candidate for a G 2 structure on Y , and being a complex of...

Abelian tensor hierarchy in 4D, N = 1 superspace

With the goal of constructing the supersymmetric action for all fields, massless and massive, obtained by Kaluza-Klein compactification from type II theory or M-theory in a closed form, we embed the (Abelian) tensor hierarchy of p-forms in four-dimensional, N =1superspaceandconstructitsChern-Simons-likeinvariants. Whenspecializedtothe case in which the tensors arise from a higher...

Kaluza-Klein theories without truncation

In this note we will present a closed expression for the space-time effective action for all bosonic fields (massless and massive) obtained from the compactification of gravity or supergravity theories (such as type II or eleven-dimensional supergravities) from D to d space-time dimensions.

Finite-temperature three-point function in 2D CFT

We calculate the finite temperature three-point correlation function for primary fields in a 2D conformal field theory in momentum space. This result has applications to any strongly coupled field theory with a 2D CFT dual, as well as to Kerr/CFT.

Some tree-level string amplitudes in the NSR formalism

We calculate tree level scattering amplitudes for open strings using the NSR formalism. We present a streamlined symmetry-based and pedagogical approach to the computations, which we first develop by checking two-, three-, and four-point functions involving bosons and fermions. We calculate the five-point amplitude for massless gluons and find agreement with an earlier result by...

A study of Docetaxel-induced effects in MCF-7 cells by means of Raman microspectroscopy

system for adenocarcinoma, by means of Raman This document is a collaborative effort of Melanie Becker-Putsche and Katharina Hartmann and they contributed equally to the presented work. - Breast cancer

Circulating concentrations of GLP-1 are associated with coronary atherosclerosis in humans

Background GLP-1 is an incretine hormone which gets secreted from intestinal L-cells in response to nutritional stimuli leading to pancreatic insulin secretion and suppression of glucagon release. GLP-1 further inhibits gastric motility and reduces appetite which in conjunction improves postprandial glucose metabolism. Additional vasoprotective effects have been described for GLP...

Expression of Human Chemerin Induces Insulin Resistance in the Skeletal Muscle but Does Not Affect Weight, Lipid Levels, and Atherosclerosis in LDL Receptor Knockout Mice on High-Fat Diet

Melanie Becker Katja Rabe Corinna Lebherz Julia Zugwurst Burkhard G oke Klaus G. Parhofer Michael Lehrke Uli C. Broedl OBJECTIVEChemerin is a recently discovered hepatoadipokine that regulates