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Using systems science to understand the determinants of inequities in healthy eating

Health, Australian Capital Territory Health, HCF, and the HCF Research Foundation. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sharon Friel, Melanie Pescud, Eleanor Malbon, Amanda Lee, Robert Carter. Data ... curation: Sharon Friel, Melanie Pescud, Eleanor Malbon. Formal analysis: Sharon Friel, Melanie Pescud, Eleanor Malbon. Funding acquisition: Sharon Friel. Investigation: Sharon Friel, Melanie Pescud

Factors Influencing the Health Behaviour of Indigenous Australians: Perspectives from Support People

Disparities between the health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations continue to be prevalent within Australia. Research suggests that Indigenous people participate in health risk behaviour more often than their non-Indigenous counterparts, and that such behaviour has a substantial impact on health outcomes. Although this would indicate that reducing health risk behaviour...

Employers’ views on the promotion of workplace health and wellbeing: a qualitative study

Background The evidence surrounding the value of workplace health promotion in positively influencing employees’ health and wellbeing via changes to their health behaviours is growing. The aim of the study was to explore employers’ views on the promotion of workplace health and wellbeing and the factors affecting these views. Methods Using a qualitative phenomenological approach...

Factors influencing overweight children's commencement of and continuation in a resistance training program

Background In light of the child overweight and obesity problem in Australia, resistance training programs have been trialled as an innovative way of assisting children increase lean body mass and reduce body fat. The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors influencing overweight children's participation in a resistance training trial program. Method Parent-child...