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AR negative triple negative or “quadruple negative” breast cancers in African American women have an enriched basal and immune signature

for their technical assistance, comments and discussions. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Melissa Davis, Windy Colomb, Clayton Yates. Formal analysis: Qinghua He, Sejong Bae. Funding ... acquisition: Clayton Yates. Investigation: Melissa Davis, Shweta Tripathi, Raymond Hughley, Balasubramanyam Karanam, Windy Colomb, William Grizzle, Clayton Yates. tini, Windy Colomb, William Grizzle, Clayton

Relationships between psychosocial outcomes in adolescents who are obese and their parents during a multi-disciplinary family-based healthy lifestyle intervention: One-year follow-up of a waitlist controlled trial (Curtin University’s Activity, Food and Attitudes Program)

Background Limited studies have investigated relationships in psychosocial outcomes between adolescents who are obese and their parents and how psychosocial outcomes change during participation in a physical activity and healthy eating intervention. This study examined both adolescent and parent psychosocial outcomes while participating in a one - year multi-disciplinary family...

Salivary DNA methylation panel to diagnose HPV-positive and HPV-negative head and neck cancers

Background Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is a heterogeneous group of tumours with a typical 5 year survival rate of <40 %. DNA methylation in tumour-suppressor genes often occurs at an early stage of tumorigenesis, hence DNA methylation can be used as an early tumour biomarker. Saliva is an ideal diagnostic medium to detect early HNSCC tumour activities due to its...

Network analysis of an in vitro model of androgen-resistance in prostate cancer

Background The development of androgen resistance is a major limitation to androgen deprivation treatment in prostate cancer. We have developed an in vitro model of androgen-resistance to characterise molecular changes occurring as androgen resistance evolves over time. Our aim is to understand biological network profiles of transcriptomic changes occurring during the transition...

A Cross-Sectional Study Comparing the Frequency of Drug Interactions After Adding Simeprevir- or Sofosbuvir-Containing Therapy to Medication Profiles of Hepatitis C Monoinfected Patients

version to be published. Conflict of interest. Mona Nasiri, Arden Koroglu, Steven Bliss, Melissa Davis, LouiseAnne McNutt, and Christopher Miller declare that they have no conflicts of interest. Dr. Patel

Mapping the stabilome: a novel computational method for classifying metabolic protein stability

BackgroundThe half-life of a protein is regulated by a range of system properties, including the abundance of components of the degradative machinery and protein modifiers. It is also influenced by protein-specific properties, such as a protein’s structural make-up and interaction partners. New experimental techniques coupled with powerful data integration methods now enable us...

Nuclear Receptor Profiling of Ovarian Granulosa Cell Tumors

Maria Alexiadis Natalie Eriksson Stacey Jamieson Melissa Davis Ann E. Drummond Simon Chu Colin D. Clyne George E. Muscat Peter J. Fuller 0 ) Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research, Institute

Genetic studies of plasma analytes identify novel potential biomarkers for several complex traits

Gessert, James Brewer, Helen Vanderswag, Tamie Sather, Gus Jiminez, Archana B. Balasubramanian, Jennifer Mason, Iris Sim, Paul Aisen, Melissa Davis, Rosemary Morrison, Danielle Harvey, Lean Thal & Laurel ... Aisen, Melissa Davis, Rosemary Morrison, Danielle Harvey, Lean Thal, Laurel Beckett, Thomas Neylan, Shannon Finley, Michael W. Weiner, Jacqueline Hayes, Howard J. Rosen, Bruce L. Miller, David Perry, Dino