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Q-Rapids framework for advanced data analysis to improve rapid software development

The quality of software, in particular developed rapidly, is quite a challenge for businesses and IT-dependent societies. Therefore, the H2020 Q-Rapids project consortium develops processes and tools to meet this challenge and improve the quality of the software to meet end-users requirements and needs. In this paper, we focus on data analytics that helps software development...

Contactless palmprint and knuckle biometrics for mobile devices

In this paper, biometric methods for contactless and unrestricted access control for mobile devices are proposed. The major contribution of this paper are palmprint and knuckles feature extraction methods dedicated for the mobile contactless biometrics. We use texture mask-based features for the palmprint. For the knuckles, we use Probabilistic Hough Transform and Speeded Up...

Advanced services for critical infrastructures protection

In this paper an overview of the first results of FP7 CIPRNet project is presented. Particularly, we demonstrate CIPRNet services for critical infrastructure protection (CIP) stakeholders. The role of the proposed services is to support decisions in the CIP domain. Moreover, those services are expected to serve as the underpinnings for the European Infrastructures Simulation and...