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RNA processing body (P-body) dynamics in mesophyll protoplasts re-initiating cell division

Environmental and Life Sciences, The University of Newcastle , Callaghan, NSW , Australia 1 Michael B. Sheahan, deceased, in the latter part of this study The ability of plants to regenerate lies in the capacity

Transcriptional regulation of early embryo development in the model legume Medicago truncatula

Key message Spatial and temporal expression of co-expressed transcription factors provide a framework to investigate the integrated control of embryo size, vascularisation, meristem development and onset of seed filling in early embryogenesis of Medicago truncatula. Abstract Cultivated legumes account for more than a quarter of primary crop production worldwide. The protein- and...

The 2HA line of Medicago truncatula has characteristics of an epigenetic mutant that is weakly ethylene insensitive

Background The Medicago truncatula 2HA seed line is highly embryogenic while the parental line Jemalong rarely produces embryos. The 2HA line was developed from one of the rare Jemalong regenerates and this method for obtaining a highly regenerable genotype in M. truncatula is readily reproducible suggesting an epigenetic mechanism. Microarray transcriptomic analysis showed down...