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Exploring the quiet eye in archery using field- and laboratory-based tasks

The ‘quiet eye’ (QE)—a period of extended gaze fixation on a target—has been reported in many tasks that require accurate aiming. Longer quiet eye durations (QEDs) are reported in experts compared to non-experts and on successful versus less successful trials. The QE has been extensively studied in the field; however, the cognitive mechanisms underlying the QE are not yet fully...

Intra and inter-session reliability of rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation stimulus-response curves of tibialis anterior muscle in healthy older adults

Conceptualization: Emilia Ambrosini, Mark van de Ruit, Michael J. Grey, Simona Ferrante. Data curation: Elisabetta Peri, Emilia Ambrosini, Vera Maria Colombo, Simona Ferrante. Formal analysis: Elisabetta Peri, Emilia ... , Michael J. Grey, Simona Ferrante. Project administration: Marco Monticone, Giorgio Ferriero, Simona Ferrante. Resources: Marco Monticone, Giorgio Ferriero, Simona Ferrante. Software: Elisabetta Peri

The TMS Map Scales with Increased Stimulation Intensity and Muscle Activation

One way to study cortical organisation, or its reorganisation, is to use transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to construct a map of corticospinal excitability. TMS maps are reported to be acquired with a wide variety of stimulation intensities and levels of muscle activation. Whilst MEPs are known to increase both with stimulation intensity and muscle activation, it remains to...