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Time Trends in Biological Fertility in Western Europe

, United Kingdom ( 1 Author affiliations: Department of Epidemiology and Bio- statistics, School of Public Health, Imperial College London , London , United Kingdom ( Michael Joffe, Jane Holmes, Nicky Best

Causal diagrams in systems epidemiology

Methods of diagrammatic modelling have been greatly developed in the past two decades. Outside the context of infectious diseases, systematic use of diagrams in epidemiology has been mainly confined to the analysis of a single link: that between a disease outcome and its proximal determinant(s). Transmitted causes ("causes of causes") tend not to be systematically analysed. The...

What has happened to human fertility?

Michael Joffe 0 0 Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Imperial College , London W2 1PF, UK Semen quality appears to have declined in recent decades in some populations, e.g. north-western

Methodological Issues in Analyzing Time Trends in Biologic Fertility: Protection Bias

, Imperial College London , London , United Kingdom ( Jane Key, Nicky Best, Michael Joffe); Depart- ment of Environmental Medicine, Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark , Odense , Denmark

Invited Commentary: The Potential for Monitoring of Fecundity and the Remaining Challenges

In the epidemiologic study of reproductive capacity, the assessment of fecundity as a functional measure is complementary to approaches that focus on biomedical mechanisms and/or that use biomarkers such as semen quality. More research is needed on time trends, spatial patterns, and particular groups, especially those exposed to potentially toxic agents. Although specific...

Health impact assessment in relation to other forms of impact assessment

and Public Health, Imperial College , London St Mary's Campus, Norfolk Place, London W2 1PG. Jennifer Mindell , Honorary senior clinical lecturer Michael Joffe , Reader Health impact assessment (HIA

What do we need for robust, quantitative health impact assessment?

Hansell, Alex Hirschfield, Inger Holm, Michael Joffe, Richard Little, Cynthia Lyons, Karen MacArthyr, Mark McCarthy, Susan Milner, Jennifer Mindell, David Morrison, Jill Muirie, Bob Murphy, Ari Niemelä