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Decay of ultralight axion condensates

Axion particles can form macroscopic condensates, whose size can be galactic in scale for models with very small axion masses m ∼ 10−22 eV, and which are sometimes referred to under the name of Fuzzy Dark Matter. Many analyses of these condensates are done in the non-interacting limit, due to the weakness of the self-interaction coupling of axions. We investigate here how certain...

Comparison of long and short axis quantification of left ventricular volume parameters by cardiovascular magnetic resonance, with ex-vivo validation

Background The purpose of the study was to compare the accuracy and evaluation time of quantifying left ventricular (LV), left atrial (LA) volume and LV mass using short axis (SAX) and long axis (LAX) methods when using cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR). Materials and methods We studied 12 explanted canine hearts and 46 patients referred for CMR (29 male, age 47 ± 18 years...