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Large-scale microscopic simulation of taxi services. Berlin and Barcelona case studies

Transport Systems Planning and Transport Telematics , TU Berlin, BerlinSalzufer 17-19, 10587 , Germany 2 & Michal Maciejewski 3 Center for Innovation in Transport (CENIT), Barcelona Tech Technical University

Bound and unbound substructures in Galaxy-scale dark matter haloes

We analyse the coarse-grained phase-space structure of the six Galaxy-scale dark matter haloes of the Aquarius Project using a state-of-the-art 6D substructure finder. Within r50, we find that about 35 per cent of the mass is in identifiable substructures, predominantly tidal streams, but including about 14 per cent in self-bound subhaloes. The slope of the differential...

Subhaloes going Notts: the subhalo-finder comparison project

We present a detailed comparison of the substructure properties of a single Milky Way sized dark matter halo from the Aquarius suite at five different resolutions, as identified by a variety of different (sub)halo finders for simulations of cosmic structure formation. These finders span a wide range of techniques and methodologies to extract and quantify substructures within a...

Haloes gone MAD14: The Halo-Finder Comparison Project

We present a detailed comparison of fundamental dark matter halo properties retrieved by a substantial number of different halo finders. These codes span a wide range of techniques including friends-of-friends, spherical-overdensity and phase-space-based algorithms. We further introduce a robust (and publicly available) suite of test scenarios that allow halo finder developers to...