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The role of open abdomen in non-trauma patient: WSES Consensus Paper

Ignacio Martin-Loeches 13 Michael Sugrue 14 Salomone Di Saverio 15 Ewen Griffiths 16 Kjetil Soreide 17 18 John E. Mazuski 19 Addison K. May 23 Philippe Montravers 28 Rita Maria Melotti 26 Michele Pisano 0

Splenic trauma: WSES classification and guidelines for adult and pediatric patients

0 Vladimir Khokha 17 Catherine Arvieux Lena Napolitano Lauri Handolin Michele Pisano 0 Stefano Magnone 0 David A. Spain Marc de Moya 20 Kimberly A. Davis Nicola De Angelis Ari Leppaniemi Paula Ferrada

Acute cholecystitis: WSES position statement

Background The management of acute calculous cholecystitis still offers room for debate in terms of diagnosis, severity scores, treatment options and timing for surgery. Material and methods A systematic review about the treatment of acute cholecystitis has been completed. The recommendations of recent guidelines have also been examined taking into account the results of the...

One year experience of swine dermal non-crosslinked collagen prostheses for abdominal wall repairs in elective and emergency surgery

Introduction The approach to the abdominal wall surgical repair is dramatically changed in the last years. This study evaluates our institutional outcomes about the usage of biological meshes for abdominal wall repair in different setting: in elective surgery, in emergency surgery and in abdominal wall repair following open abdomen (OA) procedure. Methods A database was...

The need for new "patient-related" guidelines for the treatment of acute cholecystitis

Piazzalunga Michele Pisano Luca Ansaloni 0 Department of Surgery, ASL VT-San Giovanni Decollato-Andosilla Hospital , via Ferretti 169 Civita Castellana 01033 , Italy 1 Department of General Heterogeneity of

Peritoneal adhesion index (PAI): proposal of a score for the “ignored iceberg” of medicine and surgery

Peritoneal adhesions describe a condition in which pathological bonds form between the omentum, the small and large bowels, the abdominal wall, and other intra-abdominal organs. Different classification systems have been proposed, but they do not resolve the underlying problem of ambiguity in the quantification and definition of adhesions. We therefore propose a standardized...

Lasting Effects on Body Weight and Mammary Gland Gene Expression in Female Mice upon Early Life Exposure to n-3 but Not n-6 High-Fat Diets

Exposure to an imbalance of nutrients prior to conception and during critical developmental periods can have lasting consequences on physiological processes resulting in chronic diseases later in life. Developmental programming has been shown to involve structural and functional changes in important tissues. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether early life diet...

Genes encoding critical transcriptional activators for murine neural tube development and human spina bifida: a case-control study

Background Spina bifida is a malformation of the neural tube and is the most common of neural tube defects (NTDs). The etiology of spina bifida is largely unknown, although it is thought to be multi-factorial, involving multiple interacting genes and environmental factors. Mutations in transcriptional co-activator genes-Cited2, p300, Cbp, Tfap2α, Carm1 and Cart1 result in NTDs in...

Italian Biological Prosthesis Work-Group (IBPWG): proposal for a decisional model in using biological prosthesis

Introduction Indications for repair of abdominal hernia are well established and widely diffused. Controversies still exist about the indication in using the different prosthetic materials and principally about the biological ones. Material and methods In February 2012, the Italian Biological Prosthesis Work-Group (IBPWG), counting a background of 264 biologic implants, met in...

Guidelines in the management of obstructing cancer of the left colon: consensus conference of the world society of emergency surgery (WSES) and peritoneum and surgery (PnS) society

surgery (PnS) society Luca Ansaloni Roland E Andersson Franco Bazzoli Fausto Catena Vincenzo Cennamo Salomone Di Saverio Lorenzo Fuccio Hans Jeekel Ari Leppniemi Ernest Moore Antonio D Pinna Michele Pisano