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Modified Disk-Shaped Compact Tension Test for Measuring Concrete Fracture Properties

Lozano Ta´nˇ a Holu sˇova´ Fernando Medina Stanislav Seitl Alfonso Ferna´ ndez-Canteli A new approach for measuring the specific fracture energy of concrete denoted modified disk-shaped compact tension

Non-invasive localization of atrial ectopic beats by using simulated body surface P-wave integral maps

: Ana Ferrer-Albero, Eduardo J. Godoy, Miguel Lozano, Rafael Sebastian. Formal analysis: Ana Ferrer-Albero, Eduardo J. Godoy, Miguel Lozano, Laura MartÂõnez Mateu, Rafael Sebastian. Funding acquisition ... : Javier Saiz, Rafael Sebastian. Investigation: Ana Ferrer-Albero, Eduardo J. Godoy, Miguel Lozano, Rafael Sebastian. Methodology: Ana Ferrer-Albero, Miguel Lozano, Laura MartÂõnez-Mateu, Rafael Sebastian

The role of red blood cell exchange for severe imported malaria in the artesunate era: a retrospective cohort study in a referral centre

Background Intravenous artesunate has replaced quinine as the first-line therapy for severe imported malaria, given its anti-malarial superiority shown in clinical trials conducted in endemic countries. Evidence for red blood cell (RBC) exchange in patients with severe malaria treated with artesunate is lacking. This retrospective cohort study describes the experience at Hospital...

Towards a model for urban mobility social simulation

Metropolitan mobility models, mainly based on the massive use of the car instead of the public transportation, will soon become unsustainable unless there is a change of citizens’ minds and transport policies. The main challenge related to urban mobility is that of getting free-flowing greener cities, which are provided with a smarter and accessible urban transport system. In...

Functional and molecular characterization of inherited platelet disorders in the Iberian Peninsula: results from a collaborative study

Background The diagnostic evaluation of inherited platelet disorders (IPDs) is complicated and time-consuming, resulting in a relevant number of undiagnosed and incorrectly classified patients. In order to evaluate the spectrum of IPDs in individuals with clinical suspicion of these disorders, and to provide a diagnostic tool to centers not having access to specific platelets...