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Controlled flavour changing neutral couplings in two Higgs Doublet models

We propose a class of two Higgs doublet models where there are flavour changing neutral currents (FCNC) at tree level, but under control due to the introduction of a discrete symmetry in the full Lagrangian. It is shown that in this class of models, one can have simultaneously FCNC in the up and down sectors, in contrast to the situation encountered in the renormalisable and ...

Vector-like quarks at the origin of light quark masses and mixing

We show how a novel fine-tuning problem present in the Standard Model can be solved through the introduction of a \(Z_6\) flavour symmetry, together with three \(Q = - 1/3\) quarks, three \(Q = 2/3\) quarks, as well as a complex singlet scalar. The \(Z_6\) symmetry is extended to the additional fields and it is an exact symmetry of the Lagrangian, only softly broken in the scalar ...

Genuine T, CP, CPT asymmetry parameters for the entangled B d system

The precise connection between the theoretical T, CP, CPT asymmetries, in terms of transition probabilities between the filtered neutral meson B d states, and the experimental asymmetries, in terms of the double decay rate intensities for Flavour-CP eigenstate decay products in a B-factory of entangled states, is established. This allows the identification of genuine Asymmetry ...