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Proteomic endorsed transcriptomic profiles of venom glands from Tityus obscurus and T. serrulatus scorpions

analysis. Author Contributions Conceptualization: ValquÂõria Abrão Coronado Dorce. Data curation: Ursula Castro de Oliveira, Milton Yutaka Nishiyama, Jr. Formal analysis: Ursula Castro de Oliveira ... . Methodology: Ursula Castro de Oliveira, Milton Yutaka Nishiyama, Jr., Norma Yamanouye. Project administration: ValquÂõria Abrão Coronado Dorce, InaÂcio de Loiola Meirelles JunResources: Maria Beatriz Viana dos

Circadian Rhythms of Sense and Antisense Transcription in Sugarcane, a Highly Polyploid Crop

Milton Yutaka Nishiyama Jr 0 Glaucia Mendes Souza 0 Samuel P. Hazen, University of Massachusetts Amherst, United States of America 0 Departamento de Bioqu mica, Instituto de Qu mica, Universidade de Sa o

Full-Length Enriched cDNA Libraries and ORFeome Analysis of Sugarcane Hybrid and Ancestor Genotypes

Sugarcane is a major crop used for food and bioenergy production. Modern cultivars are hybrids derived from crosses between Saccharum officinarum and Saccharum spontaneum. Hybrid cultivars combine favorable characteristics from ancestral species and contain a genome that is highly polyploid and aneuploid, containing 100–130 chromosomes. These complex genomes represent a huge...

Identification of sense and antisense transcripts regulated by drought in sugarcane

probes have signal above background and can be classified as expressed sequences. Our custom sugarcane Carolina Gimiliani Lembke and Milton Yutaka Nishiyama Jr. contributed equally to this work