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Factors associated with visual field defects of optic disc drusen

. (XLS) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Kyoung Min Lee, Se Joon Woo, Jeong-Min Hwang. Data curation: Kyoung Min Lee, Jeong-Min Hwang. Formal analysis: Kyoung Min Lee, Jeong-Min Hwang. Funding ... acquisition: Jeong-Min Hwang. Investigation: Kyoung Min Lee, Se Joon Woo, Jeong-Min Hwang. Methodology: Kyoung Min Lee, Jeong-Min Hwang. Resources: Se Joon Woo, Jeong-Min Hwang. Software: Kyoung Min Lee

Differences in pupillary light reflex between optic neuritis and ischemic optic neuropathy

Contributions Conceptualization: Jeong-Min Hwang, Hee Kyung Yang. Formal analysis: Yung Ju Yoo, Hee Kyung Yang. Methodology: Jeong-Min Hwang, Hee Kyung Yang. Supervision: Jeong-Min Hwang. Writing ± original ... draft: Yung Ju Yoo, Jeong-Min Hwang. Writing ± review & editing: Hee Kyung Yang. 12 / 14 11. 13 / 14 1. Levatin P . Pupillary escape in disease of the retina or optic nerve . Arch Ophthalmol . 1959 ; 62

Long-term outcomes of augmented unilateral recess-resect procedure in children with intermittent exotropia

Table. Patients with consecutive esotropia at 2 years after surgery. (DOCX) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Jin-Soo Kim, Hee Kyung Yang, Jeong-Min Hwang. Data curation: Jin-Soo Kim. Formal ... analysis: Jin-Soo Kim, Hee Kyung Yang. Funding acquisition: Jeong-Min Hwang. Investigation: Jin-Soo Kim, Hee Kyung Yang, Jeong-Min Hwang. Methodology: Jin-Soo Kim, Hee Kyung Yang, Jeong-Min Hwang

Control of anterior segment using an antero-posterior lingual sliding retraction system: a preliminary cone-beam CT study

Background This study was performed to evaluate the treatment effects of the antero-posterior lingual retractor (APLR), focusing on the 3-dimensional (3D) tooth movement of the maxillary anterior teeth and their alveolar bone levels. Methods En masse retraction was performed using either the C-lingual retractor (CLR, C-group, n = 9) or the antero-posterior lingual retractor (APLR...

Pediatric orbital wall fractures: Prognostic factors of diplopia and ocular motility limitation

examination and CT evaluation is important to predict surgical outcomes in pediatric patients with orbital wall fracture. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Namju Kim, Jeong-Min Hwang. Formal analysis ... : Yung Ju Yoo, Hee Kyung Yang. Investigation: Yung Ju Yoo. Supervision: Namju Kim, Jeong-Min Hwang. Writing ± original draft: Yung Ju Yoo, Hee Kyung Yang. Writing ± review & editing: Namju Kim, Jeong

Efficacy of digital pupillometry for diagnosis of Horner syndrome

Objectives To evaluate the efficacy of digital pupillometry in the diagnosis of anisocoria related to Horner syndrome in adult patients. Design Retrospective, observational, case control study. Methods Nineteen patients with unilateral Horner syndrome (Horner group) and age-matched controls of 30 healthy individuals with normal vision and neither optic nerve dysfunction nor...

Diagnostic value of repeated ice tests in the evaluation of ptosis in myasthenia gravis

Twenty-six patients with ptosis related to Myasthenia gravis (MG) and 38 controls with ptosis other than MG were included. All patients were tested with the ice test 2 times on separate days in the afternoon. The margin reflex distance (MRD) was measured before and immediately after 2-minute application of ice on the eyelids. The ice test was judged positive if there was an...

Ocular findings in patients with spastic type cerebral palsy

Abstracts Background Refractive errors, strabismus, nystagmus, amblyopia, and cortical visual impairment are observed in 50 to 90 % of patients with cerebral palsy. Ocular abnormalities are known to differ according to cerebral palsy type, and spastic type has been reported to be more likely to be associated with ocular defects than the athetoid and ataxic types. Methods A...

Transient cortical visual impairment after video-assisted thoracic surgery: a case report

Background Visual loss associated with thoracic surgery has been reported mostly after coronary angiography or bypass surgery. The position of video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS) is usually lateral, thus not compressive to the globe. Visual loss after VATS has not been reported. Herein we report a patient without any cardiovascular risk factors who experienced transient...

Mesoporous Non-stacked Graphene-receptor Sensor for Detecting Nerve Agents

Science (IBS), Department of Energy Science, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon 440-746, KoreaHee Min Hwang, Doyoung Kim & Hyoyoung LeeCentre for Integrated Nanostructure Physics (CINAP), Institute of Basic ... Science (IBS), Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon 440-746, KoreaEunhee Hwang & Hyoyoung Lee AuthorsSearch for Hee Min Hwang in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch

Surgical Outcomes of Inferior Oblique Myectomy in Unilateral Congenital Superior Oblique Palsy with or without Trochlear Nerve

Objectives To compare the surgical outcomes of inferior oblique (IO) myectomy in congenital superior oblique palsy (SOP) according to the presence of the trochlear nerve identified with high-resolution MRI. Data Extraction Forty-one congenital SOP patients without a trochlear nerve (absent group) and 23 patients with a trochlear nerve (present group) who underwent IO myectomy as...

Oxidative stress caused by activation of NADPH oxidase 4 promotes contrast-induced acute kidney injury

-Hee Yoon. Supervision: Hoi Young Lee, Chang Gyo Park, Jaeku Kang, Seong-Lan Yu, Moon Hyang Park, Won-Min Hwang, Sung-Ro Yun, Sun-Hee Park, Yong-Lim Kim, Se-Hee Yoon. Validation: Bo Young Jeong, Seong

Predictive Factors Affecting Long-Term Outcome of Unilateral Lateral Rectus Recession

Background There are few long-term outcome reports of unilateral lateral rectus (LR) recession for exotropia including a large number of subjects. Previous reports on unilateral LR recession commonly show extremely low rates of initial overcorrection and large exodrifts after surgery suggesting that the surgical dose may be increased. However, little is known of the long-term...

Comparison of the Deep Optic Nerve Head Structure between Normal-Tension Glaucoma and Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy

-Min Hwang 0 1 0 Department of Ophthalmology, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital , Seongnam , Korea 1 Editor: Michael G Anderson, University of Iowa

Paraneoplastic neuromyelitis optica associated with ANNA-1 antibodies in invasive thymoma

Background Thymoma is associated with various paraneoplastic autoimmune disorders. Herein, we report paraneoplastic neuromyelitis optica (NMO) associated with both anti-aquaporin-4 (AQP4) immunoglobulin G (IgG) and type 1 antineuronal nuclear antibody (ANNA-1) in an invasive thymoma patient. Case presentation A woman presented with a sudden onset of bilateral progressive visual...

Incremental Value of MR Cholangiopancreatography in Diagnosis of Biliary Atresia

Purpose To evaluate the incremental value of a combination of magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) and ultrasonography (US), compared to US alone, for diagnosing biliary atresia (BA) in neonates and young infants with cholestasis. Materials and Methods The institutional review board approved this retrospective study. The US and MRCP studies were both performed on 64...

Phthalate concentrations in house dust in relation to autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay in the CHildhood Autism Risks from Genetics and the Environment (CHARGE) study

Background Phthalates are endocrine-disrupting chemicals that influence thyroid hormones and sex steroids, both critical for brain development. Aim We studied phthalate concentrations in house dust in relation to the risks of developing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or developmental delay (DD). Methods Participants were a subset of children from the CHARGE (CHildhood Autism...

Role of Sodium Bicarbonate Cotransporters in Intracellular pH Regulation and Their Regulatory Mechanisms in Human Submandibular Glands

Sodium bicarbonate cotransporters (NBCs) are involved in the pH regulation of salivary glands. However, the roles and regulatory mechanisms among different NBC isotypes have not been rigorously evaluated. We investigated the roles of two different types of NBCs, electroneutral (NBCn1) and electrogenic NBC (NBCe1), with respect to pH regulation and regulatory mechanisms using...

New Stereoacuity Test Using a 3-Dimensional Display System in Children

The previously developed 3-dimensional (3D) display stereoacuity tests were validated only at distance. We developed a new stereoacuity test using a 3D display that works both at near and distance and evaluated its validity in children with and without strabismus. Sixty children (age range, 6 to 18 years) with variable ranges of stereoacuity were included. Side-by-side randot...

Alagille Syndrome Candidates for Liver Transplantation: Differentiation from End-Stage Biliary Atresia Using Preoperative CT

Purpose To compare preoperative CT findings before liver transplantation between patients with Alagille syndrome (AGS) and those with end-stage biliary atresia (BA). Materials and Methods The institutional review board approved this retrospective study. Eleven children with AGS (median age, 19.0 ± 13.0 months; male to female ratio, 3:8) and 109 children with end-stage BA (median...