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Development of novel rosuvastatin nanostructured lipid carriers for oral delivery in an animal model

Development of novel rosuvastatin nanostructured lipid carriers for oral delivery in an animal model Jun Li,1,2,* Min Yang,2,* Wenrong Xu1 1School of Medical Science and Laboratory Medicine, Jiangsu

New molecular sequences for two genera of marine planarians facilitate determination of their position in the phylogenetic tree, with new records for two species (Platyhelminthes, Tricladida, Maricola)

, Maricola) Hee-Min Yang 0 Ronald Sluys Masaharu Kawakatsu Gi-Sik Min 0 0 Department of Biological Sciences, Inha University , Incheon , Republic of Korea 2 Naturalis Biodiversity Center , P.O. Box 9517, 2300 ... >Antarctica; molecular phylogeny; new records; Obrimoposthia; Paucumara; South Korea - A peer-reviewed open-access journal 1 Launched to accelerate biodiversity research Copyright Hee-Min Yang et al. This is

Neutrino mass, leptogenesis, and dark matter from the dark sector with U(1)D

HJE mass, leptogenesis, and dark matter from the dark sector with Wei-Min Yang 0 1 0 No. 96, Jinzhai Road Baohe District, Hefei, 230026 P.R. China 1 Department of Modern Physics, University of

Status and prospects of light bino–higgsino dark matter in natural SUSY

Given the recent progress in dark matter direction detection experiments, we examine a light bino–higgsino dark matter (DM) scenario (\(M_1<100\) GeV and \(\mu <300\) GeV) in natural supersymmetry with the electroweak fine tuning measure \(\Delta _\mathrm{EW}<30\). By imposing various constraints, we note that: (i) For \(\mathrm{sign}(\mu /M_1)=+1\), the parameter space allowed...

Cytotoxic and genotoxic effects of perfluorododecanoic acid (PFDoA) in Japanese medaka

there is no conflict of interest in this research article. Authors contribution Ayanda Opeyemi Isaac carried out the experiment, analyzed the data, and prepared the draft manuscript Min Yang monitored ... Isaac Ayanda to carry out this research. Many thanks to the Deputy Director of my host institution, Prof. Min Yang, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES) Beijing, China, who also doubled

Traditional Chinese medicine for knee osteoarthritis: An overview of systematic review

. Characteristics of original RCTs. (DOC) (DOC) (DOC) S3 Table. PRISMA checklist. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Min Yang. Data curation: Min Yang, Li Jiang. Formal analysis: Min Yang, Li Jiang, Qing ... Wang. Funding acquisition: Guihua Xu. Methodology: Min Yang, Li Jiang. Project administration: Guihua Xu. Resources: Guihua Xu. Supervision: Hao Chen, Guihua Xu. Visualization: Hao Chen, Guihua Xu

Maintenance for Repaired RC Column Exposed to Chloride Attack Based on Probability Distribution of Service Life

Sang-Hwa Jung Hyun-Min Yang Keun-Hyeok Yang Seung-Jun Kwon Chloride attack is one of the most critical deterioration due to rapid corrosion initiation and propagation which can cause structural safety

Simplified TeV leptophilic dark matter in light of DAMPE data

Abstract Using a simplified framework, we attempt to explain the recent DAMPE cosmic e+ + e− flux excess by leptophilic Dirac fermion dark matter (LDM). The scalar (Φ0) and vector (Φ1) mediator fields connecting LDM and Standard Model particles are discussed. We find that the couplings P ⊗ S, P ⊗ P , V ⊗ A and V ⊗ V can produce the right bump in e+ + e− flux for a DM mass around...

Microbial diversity in two traditional bacterial douchi from Gansu province in northwest China using Illumina sequencing

. Project administration: Weibing Zhang. Software: Min Yang. 13 / 16 Supervision: Zhongmin Zhang. Validation: Zhongmin Zhang. Writing ± original draft: Weibing Zhang. Writing ± review & editing: Xiaoling

Culture-based study on the development of antibiotic resistance in a biological wastewater system treating stepwise increasing doses of streptomycin

The effects of streptomycin (STM) on the development of antibiotic resistance in an aerobic-biofilm reactor was explored by stepwise increases in STM doses (0–50 mg L−1), over a period of 618 days. Totally 191 bacterial isolates affiliated with 90 different species were harvested from the reactor exposed to six STM exposures. Gammaproteobacteria (20–31.8%), Bacilli (20–35.7...

Does providing more services increase the primary hospitals’ revenue? An assessment of national essential medicine policy based on 2,675 counties in China

primary hospitals with different time exposed to the policy. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Min Yang, Qun Meng. Data curation: Fei Chen, Qian Li, Jay Pan. Formal analysis: Fei Chen. Funding ... acquisition: Xiaosong Li. Investigation: Qian Li, Jay Pan. Methodology: Min Yang. Project administration: Xiaosong Li, Qun Meng. Resources: Qun Meng. Software: Fei Chen. Supervision: Min Yang, Xiaosong Li

Extracellular expression of a novel β-agarase from Microbulbifer sp. Q7, isolated from the gut of sea cucumber

A novel endo-type β-agarase was cloned from an agar-degrading bacterium, Microbulbifer sp. Q7 (CGMCC No. 14061), that was isolated from sea cucumber gut. The agarase-encoding gene, ID2563, consisted of 1800 bp that encoded a 599-residue protein with a signal peptide of 19 amino acids. Sequence analysis suggested that the agarase belongs to the GH16 family. The agarase was...

Deformation behaviors of peat with influence of organic matter

Peat is a kind of special material rich in organic matter. Because of the high content of organic matter, it shows different deformation behaviors from conventional geotechnical materials. Peat grain has a non-negligible compressibility due to the presence of organic matter. Biogas can generate from peat and can be trapped in form of gas bubbles. Considering the natural...

Food web properties of the recently constructed, deep subtropical Fei-Tsui Reservoir in comparison with the ancient Lake Biwa

Using carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis, we characterised food web properties of the deep subtropical Fei-Tsui Reservoir (FTR), which was recently altered from a lotic to a lentic system after dam construction. In the littoral zone, zoobenthos showed strong reliance (83.9%) on benthic algal production. Zoobenthos were never found in the profundal zone because of anoxia...

Risk of cardiovascular disease in Chinese patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A cross-sectional study based on hospital medical records in 10 years

Objective Though the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been established in Western population, little is known about the risk in Chinese people with RA. Our objective was to estimate the risk of CVD in Chinese people with RA using hospital medical records data. Methods The inpatients medical record database 2005–2015 of Sichuan provincial...

Radiative natural SUSY spectrum from deflected AMSB scenario with messenger-matter interactions

A radiative natural SUSY spectrum are proposed in the deflected anomaly mediation scenario with general messenger-matter interactions. Due to the contributions from the new interactions, positive slepton masses as well as a large |A t | term can naturally be obtained with either sign of deflection parameter and few messenger species (thus avoid the possible Landau pole problem...

Enhancement of pomalidomide anti-tumor response with ACY-241, a selective HDAC6 inhibitor

Thalidomide-based Immunomodulatory Drugs (IMiDs®), including lenalidomide and pomalidomide, are effective therapeutics for multiple myeloma. These agents have been approved with, or are under clinical development with, other targeted therapies including proteasome inhibitors, αCD38 monoclonal antibodies, as well as histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors for combination therapy...

Leptonic mono-top from single stop production at the LHC

Top squark (stop) can be produced via QCD interaction but also the electroweak interaction at the LHC. In this paper, we investigate the observability of the associated production of stop and chargino, \( pp\to {\tilde{t}}_1{\tilde{\chi}}_{\overline{1}} \), in compressed electroweakino scenarios at 14 TeV LHC. Due to small mass splitting between the lightest neutralino...

Factors associated with the attitudes of oncology nurses toward hospice care in China

Factors associated with the attitudes of oncology nurses toward hospice care in China Fei-Min Yang,1 Zhi-Hong Ye,2 Lei-Wen Tang,3 Wei-Lan Xiang,3 Lin-Juan Yan,4 Min-Li Xiang5 1Department of General