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Protective effect of Curcuma longa L. extract on CCl4-induced acute hepatic stress

Background The Curcuma longa L. (CLL) rhizome has long been used to treat patients with hepatic dysfunction. CLL is a member of the ginger family of spices that are widely used in China, India, and Japan, and is a common spice, coloring, flavoring, and traditional medicine. This study was performed to evaluate the hepatoprotective activity of CLL extract and its active component...

Ethanolic Extract of Astragali Radix and Salviae Radix Prohibits Oxidative Brain Injury by Psycho-Emotional Stress in Whisker Removal Rat Model

Choi 0 Jong-Min Han 0 Chang-Gue Son 0 Giuseppe Biagini, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy 0 Liver and Immunology Research Center, Daejeon Oriental Hospital of Oriental Medical College of

Repeated Sense of Hunger Leads to the Development of Visceral Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome in a Mouse Model

Obesity-related disorders, especially metabolic syndrome, contribute to 2.8 million deaths each year worldwide, with significantly increasing morbidity. Eating at regular times and proper food quantity are crucial for maintaining a healthy status. However, many people in developed countries do not follow a regular eating schedule due to a busy lifestyle. Herein, we show that a...