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Hybrid ablation for atrial fibrillation: a systematic review

Purpose Hybrid ablation for AF is performed in a growing number of centers. Due to absence of guidelines, operative approaches and perioperative care differ per center. In this review, an overview of findings from published studies on hybrid ablations is given, and related topics are discussed (e.g., one- and two-stage approaches, lesion sets, and patient management). Methods A...

Adenosine administration during hybrid atrial fibrillation ablation to test dormant pulmonary vein conduction

Netherlands 1 Department of Cardiology, Maastricht University Medical Center , PO Box 5800, Maastricht , The Netherlands 2 Mindy Vroomen 3 Department of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Brussels , Brussels

Long-term follow-up of 82 patients after surgical excision of atrial myxomas

OBJECTIVES Literature reporting on large patient groups with the long-term follow-up is limited due to the low incidence of myxomas. This single-centre, retrospective study reports on the long-term follow-up (e.g. complications, recurrence and survival) of a substantial patient group operated for cardiac myxomas.