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Age at natural menopause and associated factors in adult women: Findings from the China Kadoorie Biobank study in Zhejiang rural area

Conceptualization: Zheng-Ming Chen, Li-Ming Li. Data curation: Wei-Wei Gong. Formal analysis: Wei-Wei Gong, Ru-Ying Hu, Hao Wang. Investigation: Wei-Wei Gong, Ru-Ying Hu, Hao Wang, Jun Lv. Methodology: Meng Wang ... . Project administration: Yu Guo, Zheng Bian, Zheng-Ming Chen, Li-Ming Li. Software: Ru-Ying Hu. Supervision: Yu Guo, Zheng Bian. Writing ± original draft: Meng Wang. Writing ± review & editing: Min Yu

Effect of Cr on microstructure and oxidation behavior of TiAl-based alloy with high Nb

-Ming Li 2 Zhu-Hang Jiang 3 He-Xin Zhang Three novel multi-microalloying TiAl-based alloys containing high Nb were designed and fabricated. Thermogravimetric method was applied to investigate the

Vildagliptin increases butyrate-producing bacteria in the gut of diabetic rats

grateful to Beijing Compass Biotechnology Company for excellent technical assistance with 16s sequencing experiments. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xinhua Xiao. Formal analysis: Ming Li, Miao Yu

Type-Aware Question Answering over Knowledge Base with Attention-Based Tree-Structured Neural Networks

School of Information , Renmin University of China, Beijing. His research interests include social content analysis, microblogging mining, burst mining and topic modeling. Xiao-Ming Li received his Ph.D

Insight into Central Asian flora from the Cenozoic Tianshan montane origin and radiation of Lagochilus (Lamiaceae)

The Tianshan Mountains play a significant role in the Central Asian flora and vegetation. Lagochilus has a distribution concentration in Tianshan Mountains and Central Asia. To investigate generic spatiotemporal evolution, we sampled most Lagochilus species and sequenced six cpDNA locations (rps16, psbA-trnH, matK, trnL-trnF, psbB-psbH, psbK-psbI). We employed BEAST Bayesian...

Publication trends of research on diabetes mellitus and T cells (1997–2016): A 20-year bibliometric study

analysis: Xiao Zhai. Investigation: Ye Gao, Rong Chen, Jingjing Zhou. Methodology: Ye Gao, Ming Li. Project administration: Ming Li. Resources: Xiao Zhai, Yifei He. Software: Yiran Wang, Xiao Zhai, Rong ... Li 0 Qijin Wang 0 0 Editor: Massimo Pietropaolo, Baylor College of Medicine , UNITED STATES 1 Graduate Management Unit, Changhai Hospital Affiliated to theSecond Military Medical University , Shanghai

Short cavity DFB fiber laser based vector hydrophone for low frequency signal detection

A short cavity distributed feedback (DFB) fiber laser is used for low frequency acoustic signal detection. Three DFB fiber lasers with different central wavelengths are chained together to make three-element vector hydrophone with proper sensitivity enhancement design, which has extensive and significant applications to underwater acoustic monitoring for the national defense, oil...

The impacts of market reform on the market penetration of natural gas-fired electricity and renewable energy in China

Natural gas-fired electricity (NGFE) is expected to play a more important role in the future due to its characteristics of low pollution, high efficiency and flexibility. However, its development in China is impeded by its high regulation price compared with coal power. Market reform is therefore of vital importance to promote the penetration of NGFE. The objective of this study...

Investigation of a novel structure for 6PolSK-QPSK modulation

Benefiting from the high spectrum efficiency and power efficiency, 6PolSK-QPSK (6-ary polarization-shift keying quadrature phase-shift keying) is a promising modulation format in coherent optical communication. We proposed a novel structure to generate the 6PolSK-QPSK with two dual-drive MZMs. Simulation results show that the proposed structure can generate 6PolSK-QPSK...

Endothelial keratoplasty versus repeat penetrating keratoplasty after failed penetrating keratoplasty: A systematic review and meta-analysis

, Yan Wei Kang, Jing Liang He. Formal analysis: Tao Zhang, Shi-Ming Li. Funding acquisition: Feng Wang, Shao-Wei Li. Methodology: Shi-Ming Li. Project administration: Feng Wang, Shao-Wei Li ... . Resources: Feng Wang, Shi-Ming Li, Shao-Wei Li. Software: Shi-Ming Li. Supervision: Feng Wang, Shi-Ming Li, Shao-Wei Li. Validation: Feng Wang, Shao-Wei Li. Writing ± review & editing: Feng Wang, Shi-Ming

Cross-cultural validation of simplified Chinese version of spine functional index

No effective constructs were available in mainland China to assess the whole spine function. The SFI was developed to evaluate spinal function based on the concept of a single kinetic chain concept for whole spine. The SFI has been translated to Spanish and Turkish with accepted psychometric properties. It is imperative to introduce the SFI in mainland China and further to...

Leptin-adiponectin imbalance as a marker of metabolic syndrome among Chinese children and adolescents: The BCAMS study

: Ming Li. Formal analysis: Ge Li. Funding acquisition: Ming Li. The authors thank BCAMS subjects for their continuing participation in this research effort. Investigation: Linxin Xu, Lujiao Li, Junling ... Fu, Qian Zhang, Naishi Li. Methodology: Xinhua Xiao, Changhong Li, Jie Mi, Shan Gao, Ming Li. Project administration: Jie Mi, Ming Li. Resources: Jie Mi, Ming Li. Writing ± original draft: Ge Li

Construction and analyses of the microRNA-target gene differential regulatory network in thyroid carcinoma

Thyroid-carcinoma (THCA) is the most common malignancy with an increasing incidence. Recent evidence has emphasized the role of microRNA (miRNA) in THCA. However, knowledge concerning the roles of miRNAs in THCA is still limited. We therefore use a miRNA-target gene differential regulatory network (MGDRN) to identify key miRNAs and characterize their synergistic regulation in...

A technique system for the measurement, reconstruction and character extraction of rice plant architecture

This study developed a technique system for the measurement, reconstruction, and trait extraction of rice canopy architectures, which have challenged functional–structural plant modeling for decades and have become the foundation of the design of ideo-plant architectures. The system uses the location-separation-measurement method (LSMM) for the collection of data on the canopy...

PD-1 and CTLA-4 up regulation on donor T cells is insufficient to prevent GvHD in allo-HSCT recipients

: Mohammad S. Hossain, David L. Jaye, Edmund K. Waller. Investigation: Mohammad S. Hossain, Ghada M. Kunter, Vicky F. El-Najjar, David L. Jaye, Zaid Al-Kadhimi, Owonikoko K. Taofeek, Jian-Ming Li ... . Methodology: Mohammad S. Hossain, Edmund K. Waller. Project administration: Edmund K. Waller. Supervision: Edmund K. Waller. Visualization: Mohammad S. Hossain, Jian-Ming Li, Edmund K. Waller. Writing

Albuminuria and its associated biomedical factors among indigenous adults in Far North Queensland: a 7-year follow up study

Background To document albuminuria prevalence and its associated factors in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (TSI) adults with high renal and metabolic risks from 19 rural and remote north Queensland communities. Methods One thousand nine hundred seventy-one indigenous adults were enrolled in 1998 and 566 completed follow up in 2007 in this population-based study...