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Evaluation of bone metastatic burden by bone SPECT/CT in metastatic prostate cancer patients: defining threshold value for total bone uptake and assessment in radium-223 treated patients

Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-8550 , Japan 1 Mitsuru Koizumi Objectives To establish a new three-dimensional quantitative evaluation method for bone metastasis, we applied bone single photon emission

Bone metastases from breast cancer: associations between morphologic CT patterns and glycolytic activity on PET and bone scintigraphy as well as explorative search for influential factors

Hospital , 899-1 Yasugi, Yasugi, Shimane 692-011 , Japan 2 & Mitsuru Koizumi 3 Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Jichi Medical University , 3311-1 Yakushiji, Shimotsuke, Tochigi 329-0498 , Japan 4

Diagnostic performance of a computer-assisted diagnosis system for bone scintigraphy of newly developed skeletal metastasis in prostate cancer patients: search for low-sensitivity subgroups

Koizumi Purpose The computer-assisted diagnostic system for bone scintigraphy (BS) BONENAVI is used to evaluate skeletal metastasis. We investigated its diagnostic performance in prostate cancer patients

Evaluation of Efficacy of Radioimmunotherapy with 90Y-Labeled Fully Human Anti-Transferrin Receptor Monoclonal Antibody in Pancreatic Cancer Mouse Models

Objective Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive tumor and the prognosis remains poor. Therefore, development of more effective therapy is needed. We previously reported that 89Zr-labeled TSP-A01, an antibody against transferrin receptor (TfR), is highly accumulated in a pancreatic cancer xenograft, but not in major normal organs. In the present study, we evaluated the efficacy of...

Impact of FDG-PET findings on decisions regarding patient management strategies: a multicenter trial in patients with lung cancer and other types of cancer

, Patient Care Department & Department of Radiology, Hyogo Cancer Center. Mitsuru Koizumi, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Cancer Institute Hospital. Hikaru Seto, Depart- ment of Radiology, Toyama University

Early evaluation of the therapeutic effect of denosumab on tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b expression in a giant cell tumor of bone: a case report

Background Giant cell tumor of bone is an osteolytic, usually benign, tumor characterized by the infiltration of osteoclast-like giant cells. The receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand pathway has been shown to play a key role in the pathogenesis of giant cell tumor. Treatment for refractory, recurrent, or metastatic giant cell tumor remains challenging. A monoclonal...

Therapeutic Efficacy of C-Kit-Targeted Radioimmunotherapy Using 90Y-Labeled Anti-C-Kit Antibodies in a Mouse Model of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is an aggressive tumor and prognosis remains poor. Therefore, the development of more effective therapy is needed. We previously reported that high levels of an anti-c-kit antibody (12A8) accumulated in SCLC xenografts. In the present study, we evaluated the efficacy of two antibodies (12A8 and 67A2) for radioimmunotherapy (RIT) of an SCLC mouse...

Post-operative breast cancer patients diagnosed with skeletal metastasis without bone pain had fewer skeletal-related events and deaths than those with bone pain

Mitsuru Koizumi 0 Masataka Yoshimoto Fujio Kasumi Takuji Iwase Etsuro Ogata 0 Molecular Imaging Center, National Institutes of Radiological Sciences , Anagawa 4-9-1, Inage-ku, Chiba, 263-8555 Japan

An open cohort study of bone metastasis incidence following surgery in breast cancer patients

Background To help design clinical trials of adjuvant bisphosphonate therapy for breast cancer, the temporal incidence of bone metastasis was investigated in a cohort of patients. We have tried to draw the criteria to use adjuvant bisphosphonate. Methods Consecutive breast cancer patients undergoing surgery between 1988 and 1998 (5459 patients) were followed up regarding bone...

Evaluation of 89Zr-Labeled Human Anti-CD147 Monoclonal Antibody as a Positron Emission Tomography Probe in a Mouse Model of Pancreatic Cancer

Introduction Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive cancer and its prognosis remains poor. Therefore, additional effective therapy is required to augment and/or complement current therapy. CD147, high expression in pancreatic cancer, is involved in the metastatic process and is considered a good candidate for targeted therapy. CD147-specfic imaging could be useful for selection of...

Does increased local bone resorption secondary to breast and prostate cancer result in increased cartilage degradation?

Background Breast and prostate cancer patients often develop lesions of locally high bone turnover, when the primary tumor metastasizes to the bone causing an abnormal high bone resorption at this site. The objective of the present study was to determine whether local increased bone turnover in breast and prostate cancer patients is associated with an increase in cartilage...