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Seasonality affects dietary diversity of school-age children in northern Ghana

Azupogo. Funding acquisition: Abdul-Razak Abizari. Investigation: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Miwako Nagasu, Noortje Creemers. Methodology: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Inge D. Brouwer. Supervision: Abdul-Razak Abizari ... , Inge D. Brouwer. Writing ± original draft: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Fusta Azupogo, Miwako Nagasu, Noortje Creemers. Writing ± review & editing: Abdul-Razak Abizari, Fusta Azupogo, Inge D. Brouwer. 13 / 16

Prevalence of self-reported finger deformations and occupational risk factors among professional cooks: a cross-sectional study

Miwako Nagasu 0 Kazuhiro Sakai Kazutaka Kogi Akiyoshi Ito Edith JM Feskens 0 Shigeru Tomita Yoshiomi Temmyo Mitsuo Ueno Shigeji Miyagi 0 Division of Human Nutrition, Wageningen University

Prevalence and risk factors for low back pain among professional cooks working in school lunch services

Background The prevalence of self-reported low back pain among professional cooks was estimated to examine the effects of daily life conditions, job-related factors, and psychological factors on this disorder. Methods Data was collected using a mailed self-administered questionnaire. Results Of 7100 cooks, 5835 (82%) replied to the questionnaire, including 1010 men and 4825 women...