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An enChIP system for the analysis of bacterial genome functions

ObjectiveThe engineered DNA-binding molecule-mediated chromatin immunoprecipitation (enChIP) technology enables purification of specific genomic regions interacting with their associated molecules. In enChIP, the locus to be purified is first tagged with engineered DNA-binding molecules. An example of such engineered DNA-binding molecules to tag the locus of interest is the...

Identification of Non-Coding RNAs Associated with Telomeres Using a Combination of enChIP and RNA Sequencing

Accumulating evidence suggests that RNAs interacting with genomic regions play important roles in the regulation of genome functions, including X chromosome inactivation and gene expression. However, to our knowledge, no non-biased methods of identifying RNAs that interact with a specific genomic region have been reported. Here, we used enChIP-RNA-Seq, a combination of engineered...