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p53 and its mutants on the slippery road from stemness to carcinogenesis

Normal development, tissue homeostasis and regeneration following injury rely on the proper functions of wide repertoire of stem cells (SCs) persisting during embryonic period and throughout the adult life. Therefore, SCs employ robust mechanisms to preserve their genomic integrity and avoid heritage of mutations to their daughter cells. Importantly, propagation of SCs with...

p53 is balancing development, differentiation and de-differentiation to assure cancer prevention

Many of the roles played by the tumor suppressor p53 in restraining cancer initiation and progression are well established. These include the ability of p53 to induce cell-cycle arrest, DNA repair, senescence and apoptosis. In addition, during the 30 years of p53 research, numerous studies have implicated p53 in the regulation of differentiation and developmental pathways. Here...