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Enabling tomography with low-cost C-arm systems

). Author Contributions Conceptualization: Monica Abella, Manuel Desco. Formal analysis: Monica Abella. Funding acquisition: Monica Abella, Manuel Desco. Methodology: Monica Abella. Project ... administration: Monica Abella. Resources: Monica Abella, Manuel Desco. Investigation: Monica Abella, Claudia de Molina, Nerea Ballesteros, Alba GarcÂõa-Santos. Software: Monica Abella, Claudia de Molina, Nerea

FUX-Sim: Implementation of a fast universal simulation/reconstruction framework for X-ray systems

:// We also thank NVidia for providing the Tesla K40 device used to perform the experiments. Conceptualization: Monica Abella, Manuel Desco. Formal analysis: Monica Abella, Estefania Serrano, Ines ... GarcÂõa, Claudia de Molina. Funding acquisition: Monica Abella, Jesus Carretero, Manuel Desco. Investigation: Monica Abella, Estefania Serrano, Javier Garcia- Blas, Ines GarcÂõa, Claudia de Molina

A Novel Prior- and Motion-Based Compressed Sensing Method for Small-Animal Respiratory Gated CT

Low-dose protocols for respiratory gating in cardiothoracic small-animal imaging lead to streak artifacts in the images reconstructed with a Feldkamp-Davis-Kress (FDK) method. We propose a novel prior- and motion-based reconstruction (PRIMOR) method, which improves prior-based reconstruction (PBR) by adding a penalty function that includes a model of motion. The prior image is...

Investigation of Different Sparsity Transforms for the PICCS Algorithm in Small-Animal Respiratory Gated CT

Respiratory gating helps to overcome the problem of breathing motion in cardiothoracic small-animal imaging by acquiring multiple images for each projection angle and then assigning projections to different phases. When this approach is used with a dose similar to that of a static acquisition, a low number of noisy projections are available for the reconstruction of each...