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Ion channels, transporters and cancer (“INCA2015”): an international meeting in honor of Prof. Dr. Walter Stühmer

Experimental Medicine , Göttingen , Germany 1 Imperial College London , London , UK 2 Mustafa B. A. Djamgoz 3 Luis A. Pardo Special Issue: Ion Channels, Transporters and Cancer. - Ion channels and

Regulation of voltage-gated sodium channel expression in cancer: hormones, growth factors and auto-regulation

Scott P. Fraser Iley Ozerlat-Gunduz William J. Brackenbury Elizabeth M. Fitzgerald Thomas M. Campbell R. Charles Coombes Mustafa B. A. Djamgoz 0 Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester ... correspondence: Mustafa B. A. Djamgoz e-mail: Electronic supplementary material is available at or via Regulation of voltage-gated

Cellular mechanisms of direct-current electric field effects: galvanotaxis and metastatic disease

Maria E. Mycielska 0 Mustafa B. A. Djamgoz ) 0 0 Department of Biological Sciences, Neuroscience Solutions to Cancer Research Group, Imperial College London , Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South

siRNA Knockdown of Ribosomal Protein Gene RPL19 Abrogates the Aggressive Phenotype of Human Prostate Cancer

We provide novel functional data that posttranscriptional silencing of gene RPL19 using RNAi not only abrogates the malignant phenotype of PC-3M prostate cancer cells but is selective with respect to transcription and translation of other genes. Reducing RPL19 transcription modulates a subset of genes, evidenced by gene expression array analysis and Western blotting, but does not ...