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On Bethe vectors in \( \mathfrak{g}{\mathfrak{l}}_3 \) -invariant integrable models

Abstract We consider quantum integrable models solvable by the nested algebraic Bethe ansatz and possessing \( \mathfrak{g}{\mathfrak{l}}_3 \)-invariant R-matrix. We study a new recently proposed approach to construct on-shell Bethe vectors of these models. We prove that the vectors constructed by this method are semi-on-shell Bethe vectors for arbitrary values of Bethe...

A note on \( \mathfrak{g}{\mathfrak{l}}_2 \) -invariant Bethe vectors

AbstractWe consider \( \mathfrak{g}{\mathfrak{l}}_2 \)-invariant quantum integrable models solvable by the algebraic Bethe ansatz. We show that the form of on-shell Bethe vectors is preserved under certain twist transformations of the monodromy matrix. We also derive the actions of the twisted monodromy matrix entries on the twisted off-shell Bethe vectors.