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Assessing health-related quality-of-life changes in informal caregivers: an evaluation in parents of children with major congenital anomalies

Purpose Relatively few attempts to measure the effects on the health-related quality of life (HRQoL) of informal caregivers within the context of economic evaluations have been reported. This paper is an exploratory attempt to find suitable methods to assess caregivers’ HRQoL, using a population of parents of children with major congenital anomalies. Methods A total of 306...

Attitudes towards medication non-adherence in elderly kidney transplant patients: a Q methodology study

Background. Non-adherence to the post-transplant regime is a common problem in kidney transplant patients and may lead to rejection or even graft failure. This study investigated attitudes towards the post-transplant regime of immunosuppressive medication among the ever growing population of elderly kidney recipients. Methods. Q methodology was used to explore attitude profiles...

A new test of the construct validity of the CarerQol instrument: measuring the impact of informal care giving

Purpose Most economic evaluations of health care programmes do not consider the effects of informal care, while this could lead to suboptimal policy decisions. This study investigates the construct validity of the CarerQol instrument, which measures and values carer effects, in a new population of informal caregivers. Methods A questionnaire was distributed by mail (n = 1,100...