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Sonothrombolysis with BR38 Microbubbles Improves Microvascular Patency in a Rat Model of Stroke

Background Early recanalization of large cerebral vessels in ischemic stroke is associated with improved clinical outcome, however persisting hypoperfusion leads to poor clinical recovery despite large vessel recanalization. Limited experimental sonothrombolysis studies have shown that addition of microbubbles during treatment can improve microvascular patency. We aimed to...

Impact of bubble size in a rat model of cerebral air microembolization

Background Cerebral air microembolization (CAM) is a frequent side effect of diagnostic or therapeutic interventions. Besides reduction of the amount of bubbles, filter systems in the clinical setting may also lead to a dispersion of large gas bubbles and therefore to an increase of the gas–liquid-endothelium interface. We evaluated the production and application of different...