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Guanine-Rich Sequences Are a Dominant Feature of Exosomal microRNAs across the Mammalian Species and Cell Types

Exosome is an extracellular vesicle released from multivesicular endosomes and contains micro (mi) RNAs and functional proteins derived from the donor cells. Exosomal miRNAs act as an effector during communication with appropriate recipient cells, this can aid in the utilization of the exosomes in a drug delivery system for various disorders including malignancies. Differences in...

Systemic CD8+ T Cell-Mediated Tumoricidal Effects by Intratumoral Treatment of Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Virus with the Agonistic Monoclonal Antibody for Murine Glucocorticoid-Induced Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor

Oncolytic virotherapy combined with immunomodulators is a novel noninvasive strategy for cancer treatment. In this study, we examined the tumoricidal effects of oncolytic HF10, a naturally occurring mutant of herpes simplex virus type-1, combined with an agonistic DTA-1 monoclonal antibody specific for the glucocorticoid-induced tumor necrosis factor receptor. Two murine tumor...

Interleukin-17 Induces an Atypical M2-Like Macrophage Subpopulation That Regulates Intestinal Inflammation

Interleukin 17 (IL-17) is a pleiotropic cytokine that acts on both immune and non-immune cells and is generally implicated in inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Although IL-17 as well as their source, mainly but not limited to Th17 cells, is also abundant in the inflamed intestine, the role of IL-17 in inflammatory bowel disease remains controversial. In the present study, by...