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Non-planar one-loop Parke-Taylor factors in the CHY approach for quadratic propagators

Abstract In this work we have studied the Kleiss-Kuijf relations for the recently introduced Parke-Taylor factors at one-loop in the CHY approach, that reproduce quadratic Feynman propagators. By doing this, we were able to identify the non-planar one-loop Parke-Taylor factors. In order to check that, in fact, these new factors can describe non-planar amplitudes, we applied them...

Noncommutative U(1) gauge theory from a worldline perspective

Plata Naser Ahmadiniaz,a Olindo Corradini,a;b Daniela D'Ascanio,c Sendic Estrada-Jimeneza and Pablo Pisanic aFacultad de Ciencias en F sica y Matematicas, Universidad Autonoma de Chiapas, Ciudad