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New Psammocharidæ From the United States

International Journal of NEW PSAMMOCHARIDzE FROM THE UNITED STATES 0 0 Museum of Comparative. ZoSlogy VOL. XL By NATHAN BANKS The following new species are largely from the collections made by Dr

Notes on Some New Species of the Genus Dioctria (Asilidæ)

International Journal of 0 BY NATHAN BANKS, Museum of Comparative Zoology , Cambridge, Mass posterior lateral angles as follows: Segment a short hair; segment 3, a long hair; segment 4, a long hair

The Genus Oxyptila

- GENUS OXYPTILA. BY NATHAN BANKS, SEA CLIFP’ N. Y. Oxyptila is a genus of Thomisoid spiders, described by Simon in 1864 I consider the characters of this genus in our fauna are that the quadrangle of

A New American Lacinius

International Journal of BY NATHAN BANKS SIVA CLIFF N. Y. Eyes greenish-black with brownish reflections. Antennae greenish-black, the articulations pale. Abdomen with the overlapping caudal and

J. H. Emerton

International Journal of J. H. EMERTON 0 0 James Henry Emerton was born at Salem , Massachusetts , USA BY NATHAN BANKS - 1870, and later, 1873-1874 was an assistant in the Museum. While here he ... is ideal for this sort of work. I wish to thank the following people who have assisted me by determining material" Professor Nathan Banks, Mr. H. S. Barber, Dr. A. G. BSving, Miss E. B. Bryant, Mr. R

A New Species of Limnephilidae From Maine (Trichopteea)

International Journal of A NEW SPECIES OF LIMNEPHILIDAE FROM MAINE (TRICHOPTERA) By NATHAN BANKS Holliston Mass. - In general appearance similar to ztllegophylax subfasciatus. Boay, legs, antennae

Neuropteroid Insects From Brazil

International Journal of THE STANFORD EXPEDITION TO BRAZIL, 1911. J. C. BRANNER Director. NEUROPTEROID INSECTS FROM BRAZIL. BY NATHAN BANKS East Falls Church Mr. Mann turned over to me a small but

Notes on Some New England Phryganeidae (Trichoptera)

International Journal of NOTES ON SOME NEW ENGLAND PHRYGANEIDAE (TRICHOPTERA) BY NATHAN BANKS Holliston 0 Mass. 0 Mass. 0 also by the State Forest Service in Maine 0 there are many specimens of

A New Genus of Perlidae

International Journal of A NEW GENUS OF PERLIDAE BY NATHAN BANKS Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. BY NATHAN BANKS 0 0 Museum of Comparative Zoology , Cambridge, Mass The sternal

A Few New North American Neuroptera

International Journal of New North American Neuroptera New North American Neuroptera BY NATHAN BANKS In the course of determinations the following species have been detected and described as new

Descriptions of a Few New American Diptera

International Journal of DESCRIPTIONS OF A FEW NEW AMERICAN DIPTERA. BY NATHAN BANKS 0 0 Museum of Comparative Zoology , Cambridge, Mass Stratiomyia occidentis sp. nov. Related to S. maculosa, the