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Quantitative in vivo mapping of myocardial mitochondrial membrane potential

also thank Henry Gewirtz, M.D. for helpful discussions. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Nathaniel M. Alpert, Moussa C. Mansour, Yun Zhou, Timothy M. Shoup. Data curation: Nicolas Guehl. Formal ... analysis: Nathaniel M. Alpert, Nicolas Guehl. Funding acquisition: Georges El Fakhri. Investigation: Nathaniel M. Alpert, Leon Ptaszek, Matthieu Pelletier-Galarneau, Dustin Wooten, Chao Ma, Kazue Takahashi

Neural systems that encode categorical versus coordinate spatial relations: PET investigations

Participants received three sets of trials while regional cerebral blood flow was assessed using positron emission tomography (PET). In one set, the baseline, they responded when they detected a horizontal bar with an × either above or below it. In another set, the categorical spatial relations judgment condition, they decided whether the × was above or below the bar. In the...

Two types of image generation: Evidence from PET

Is there more than one method whereby people can generate visual mental images? Participants generated images after learning patterns in two ways. In one condition, they memorized descriptions of how segments are arranged to form patterns; in another, they memorized segments and mentally amalgamated them into patterns. In both conditions, identical stimuli cued them to form...

Hippocampal and Brain Stem Activation during Word Retrieval after Repeated and Semantic Encoding

Repeated word presentation during learning and the use of a semantic encoding task both increase the accuracy of subsequent word retrieval. Previous neuroimaging studies have shown that successful word retrieval depends on the recruitment of the hippocampus, whereas the effort of retrieval is linked to activation of prefrontal cortex modules. We studied the effects of repetition...

Properties of digital images in radiology

Journal of Digital Imaging Properties of Digital Images in Radiology John A. Correia 0 Nathaniel M. Alpert 0 0 From the Department of Radiology. Massachusetts Gen­ eral Hospital. Boston. Address