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Deflection of light by black holes and massless wormholes in massive gravity

Weak gravitational lensing by black holes and wormholes in the context of massive gravity (Bebronne and Tinyakov, JHEP 0904:100, 2009) theory is studied. The particular solution examined is characterized by two integration constants, the mass M and an extra parameter S namely ‘scalar charge’. These black hole reduce to the standard Schwarzschild black hole solutions when the...

A comparative study on generalized model of anisotropic compact star satisfying the Karmarkar condition

A new solution satisfying the Karmarkar condition is presented here. We were first to have discovered a hypergeometric function metric potential representing embedding class I spacetime. This new solution yields finite values of metric potentials, density, pressure, redshift, etc. and hence a non-singular solution. The solution is well behaved with respect to the parameter \(n=12...