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General solution for MHD-free convection flow over a vertical plate with ramped wall temperature and chemical reaction

The aim of the article is to study the unsteady magnetohydrodynamic-free convection flow of an electrically conducting incompressible viscous fluid over an infinite vertical plate with ramped temperature and constant concentration. The motion of the plate is a rectilinear translation with an arbitrary time-dependent velocity. Closed-form solutions for the temperature...

Natural convection heat transfer in an oscillating vertical cylinder

Teknologi MARA. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ilyas Khan, Nehad Ali Shah, Norzieha Mustapha, Seripah Awang Kechil. Data curation: Ilyas Khan, Nehad Ali Shah. Formal analysis: Ilyas Khan, Nehad ... Ali Shah, Asifa Tassaddiq. Funding acquisition: Ilyas Khan, Nehad Ali Shah, Asifa Tassaddiq, Norzieha Mustapha, Seripah Awang Kechil. Investigation: Ilyas Khan, Nehad Ali Shah, Asifa Tassaddiq

Heat transfer analysis in a second grade fluid over and oscillating vertical plate using fractional Caputo–Fabrizio derivatives

This paper presents a Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivatives approach to the thermal analysis of a second grade fluid over an infinite oscillating vertical flat plate. Together with an oscillating boundary motion, the heat transfer is caused by the buoyancy force induced by temperature differences between the plate and the fluid. Closed form solutions of the fluid velocity and...

Flows with Slip of Oldroyd-B Fluids over a Moving Plate

A general investigation has been made and analytic solutions are provided corresponding to the flows of an Oldroyd-B fluid, under the consideration of slip condition at the boundary. The fluid motion is generated by the flat plate which has a translational motion in its plane with a time-dependent velocity. The adequate integral transform approach is employed to find analytic...