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Manipulating perceptual parameters in a continuous performance task

Sustained attention (SA) is among the most studied faculties of human cognition, and thought to be crucial for many aspects of behavior. Measuring SA often relies on performance on a continuous, low-demanding task. Such continuous performance tasks (CPTs) have many variations, and sustained attention is typically estimated based on variability in reaction times. While relying on...

Outcomes measures in a decade of dementia and mild cognitive impairment trials

Background In a research study, to give a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of interventions, the outcome measures should reflect the lived experience of the condition. In dementia studies, this necessitates the use of outcome measures which capture the range of disease effects, not limited to cognitive functioning. In particular, assessing the functional impact of cognitive...

Domain-specific versus generalized cognitive screening in acute stroke

Psychology, University of Oxford , Oxford OX1 3UD , UK 2 & Nele Demeyere 3 Stroke Prevention Research Unit, Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford , Oxford , UK 4 Radcliffe Department of

Bilateral Field Advantage in Visual Enumeration

A number of recent studies have demonstrated superior visual processing when the information is distributed across the left and right visual fields than if the information is presented in a single hemifield (the bilateral field advantage). This effect is thought to reflect independent attentional resources in the two hemifields and the capacity of the neural responses to the left...