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HLA Diversity in the 1000 Genomes Dataset

collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Competing Interests: The authors Nezih Cereb and Soo Young Yang are employed by Histogenetics Inc. There are no patents

Regional HLA Differences in Poland and Their Effect on Stem Cell Donor Registry Planning

Regional HLA frequency differences are of potential relevance for the optimization of stem cell donor recruitment. We analyzed a very large sample (n = 123,749) of registered Polish stem cell donors. Donor figures by 1-digit postal code regions ranged from n = 5,243 (region 9) to n = 19,661 (region 8). Simulations based on region-specific haplotype frequencies showed that donor...

Recombinant structures expand and contract inter and intragenic diversification at the KIR locus

Background The human KIR genes are arranged in at least six major gene-content haplotypes, all of which are combinations of four centromeric and two telomeric motifs. Several less frequent or minor haplotypes also exist, including insertions, deletions, and hybridization of KIR genes derived from the major haplotypes. These haplotype structures and their concomitant linkage...