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‘Bending to Uniformity’: EU Financial Regulation With and Without the UK

Press (bepress). ‘BENDING TO UNIFORMITY’: EU FINANCIAL REGULATION WITH AND WITHOUT THE UK Niamh Moloney* *Professor of Financial Markets Law, London School of Economics ... institutional organization, see generally Niamh Moloney, Brexit and EU Financial Governance: Business as Usual or Institutional Change, 42 EUR. L. REV. 11 2 (2017 ). 2017] regulatory governance, likely to

International Financial Governance, the EU, and Brexit: The ‘Agencification’ of EU Financial Governance and the Implications

This article argues that the forces which shape how the EU engages with international financial governance are changing and that the implications for the EU’s ability to impose its preferences internationally are significant. It suggests that this change is being driven by two related factors. First, the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs), with their distinct incentives...