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Eligibility of real-life patients with COPD for inclusion in RCTs: a commentary

Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are performed to provide evidence to support treatment decisions. Based on the nature of those studies and the need to avoid confounding factors, it has been argued that the population selected in RCTs only partially represents the real-life population. This assumption casts doubts on the applicability of the results provided by RCTs in the ...

Asthma Control: The Right Inhaler for the Right Patient

the work as a whole, and has given final approval to the version to be published. Conflict of interest. Nicola Scichilone has received financial support for research and for Mundipharma, Glaxo

Erratum to: Safety Considerations of Inhaled Corticosteroids in the Elderly

Specialistica, University of Palermo , via Trabucco 180, 90146 Palermo , Italy 2 & Nicola Scichilone Inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs) are widely used in the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary

Catching allergy by a simple questionnaire

Costantino 11 Beniamino Cucchi 10 Sebastiano Gangemi 9 Gilda Nardi 14 Paolo Raviolo 10 Paola Rottoli 13 Nicola Scichilone 8 Nico Sciolla 7 Germano Bettoncelli 3 Massimo Landi 4 Erminia Ridolo 1 Serena

Association between reduced bronchodilatory effect of deep inspiration and loss of alveolar attachments

Background We have previously shown that the bronchodilatory effect of deep inspiration is attenuated in individuals with COPD. This study was designed to investigate whether the impairment in this effect is associated with loss of alveolar attachments. Methods We measured deep inspiration (DI)-induced bronchodilation in 15 individuals with and without COPD (67 ± 2.2 yrs of age, ...