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Abelian F-theory models with charge-3 and charge-4 matter

Abstract This paper analyzes U(1) F-theory models admitting matter with charges q = 3 and 4. First, we systematically derive a q = 3 construction that generalizes the previous q = 3 examples. We argue that U(1) symmetries can be tuned through a procedure reminiscent of the SU(N ) and Sp(N ) tuning process. For models with q = 3 matter, the components of the generating section...

Exotic matter on singular divisors in F-theory

We analyze exotic matter representations that arise on singular seven-brane configurations in F-theory. We develop a general framework for analyzing such representations, and work out explicit descriptions for models with matter in the 2-index and 3-index symmetric representations of SU(N) and SU(2) respectively, associated with double and triple point singularities in the seven...

Matter in transition

We explore a novel type of transition in certain 6D and 4D quantum field theories, in which the matter content of the theory changes while the gauge group and other parts of the spectrum remain invariant. Such transitions can occur, for example, for SU(6) and SU(7) gauge groups, where matter fields in a three-index antisymmetric representation and the fundamental representation...