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TreeBUGS: An R package for hierarchical multinomial-processing-tree modeling

Multinomial processing tree (MPT) models are a class of measurement models that account for categorical data by assuming a finite number of underlying cognitive processes. Traditionally, data are aggregated across participants and analyzed under the assumption of independently and identically distributed observations. Hierarchical Bayesian extensions of MPT models explicitly ...

Empirical validation of the diffusion model for recognition memory and a comparison of parameter-estimation methods

The diffusion model introduced by Ratcliff (Psychol Rev 85:59–108, 1978) has been applied to many binary decision tasks including recognition memory. It describes dynamic evidence accumulation unfolding over time and models choice accuracy as well as response-time distributions. Various parameters describe aspects of decision quality and response bias. In three recognition-memory ...

Hierarchical modeling of contingency-based source monitoring: A test of the probability-matching account

According to the probability-matching account of source guessing (Spaniol Smith & Batchelder, Journal of Mathematical Psychology 54:167–183, 2010). We found a significant correlation between the perceived contingency and source guessing, as well as a correlation between the deviation of the guessing bias from the true contingency and source memory when participants did not receive ...