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[18F]tetrafluoroborate as a PET tracer for the sodium/iodide symporter: the importance of specific activity

Background [18F]BF4 −, the first 18F-labelled PET imaging agent for the sodium/iodide symporter (NIS), was produced by isotopic exchange yielding a product with limited specific activity (SA, ca. 1 GBq/μmol) posing a risk of sub-optimal target-to-background ratios (TBR) in PET images due to saturation of NIS in vivo. We sought to quantify this risk and to develop a method of...

Pridopidine selectively occupies sigma-1 rather than dopamine D2 receptors at behaviorally active doses

Rationale Dopamine stabilizers have stimulatory actions under low dopamine tone and inhibitory actions under high dopamine tone without eliciting catalepsy. These compounds are dopamine D2 receptor (D2R) antagonists or weak partial agonists and may have pro-mnemonic and neuroprotective effects. The mechanism underlying their stimulatory and neuroprotective actions is unknown but...

Sigma-1 Agonist Binding in the Aging Rat Brain: a MicroPET Study with [11C]SA4503

Purpose Sigma-1 receptor ligands modulate the release of several neurotransmitters and intracellular calcium signaling. We examined the binding of a radiolabeled sigma-1 agonist in the aging rat brain with positron emission tomography (PET). Procedures Time-dependent uptake of [11C]SA4503 was measured in the brain of young (1.5 to 3 months) and aged (18 to 32 months) Wistar...