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Fermion dark matter in gauge-Higgs unification

We propose a Majorana fermion dark matter in the context of a simple gauge-Higgs Unification (GHU) scenario based on the gauge group SU(3)×U(1)′ in 5-dimensional Minkowski space with a compactification of the 5th dimension on S 1/Z 2 orbifold. The dark matter particle is identified with the lightest mode in SU(3) triplet fermions additionally introduced in the 5-dimensional bulk. ...

Nambu–Jona-Lasinio theory and dynamical breaking of supersymmetry

A recently proposed new mechanism of $D$-term-triggered dynamical supersymmetry breaking is reviewed. Supersymmetry is dynamically broken by a nonvanishing $D$-term vacuum expectation value, which is realized as a nontrivial solution of the gap equation in the self-consistent approximation, as in the case of the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model and BCS superconductivity.

Trilinear gauge boson couplings in the gauge—Higgs unification

We examine trilinear gauge boson couplings (TGCs) in the context of the $SU(3)_W\otimes U(1)'$ gauge–Higgs unification scenario. The TGCs play important roles in probes of the physics beyond the standard model, since they are highly restricted by the experiments. We discuss the mass spectrum of the neutral gauge boson with brane-localized mass terms carefully and find that the TGCs ...

Is the 126 GeV Higgs boson mass calculable in gauge–Higgs unification?

We address the question of whether the recently observed Higgs mass $M_{H} = 126$GeV, of the order of the weak scale $M_{W}$, is calculable as a finite value in the scenario of gauge–Higgs unification. In the scenario formulated on a flat five-dimensional space-time, the Higgs mass is calculable, being protected under the quantum correction by gauge invariance, though the predicted ...

One-loop radiative correction to Kaluza–Klein masses in S2/Z2 universal extra-dimensional model

We investigate a radiative correction to the masses of Kaluza–Klein (KK) modes in a universal extra-dimensional model defined on a six-dimensional spacetime with extra space as a two-sphere orbifold $S^2/Z_2$. We first define the Feynman rules which are necessary for the calculation. We then calculate the one-loop diagrams which contribute to the radiative corrections to the KK ...

Localized Vector Multiplet on a Wall

The localization of vector multiplets is examined using the supersymmetric U(1) gauge theory with the Fayet-Iliopoulos term coupled to charged chiral multiplets in four dimensions. The vector field becomes localized on a BPS wall connecting two different vacua that break the gauge symmetry. The vacuum expectation values of charged fields vanish (approximately) around the center of ...

Two Loop Finiteness of Higgs Mass and Potential in the Gauge-Higgs Unification

The zero mode of an extra-dimensional component of gauge potentials serves as a 4D Higgs field in the gauge-Higgs unification. We examine QED on M4 × S1 and determine the mass and potential of a 4D Higgs field (the A5 component) at the two loop level with gauge invariant regularization. It is seen that the mass is free from divergences and independent of the renormalization scheme.